A Day of Hole Outs and Low Scores: Spring 2010 Eagle Creek 6-Man Scramble Final Results

Eagle Creek Golf  Course Norwalk OhioThe Tim Ailes Team and the Mike Armour Team took advantage of some good greens to tie for first place at the Eagle Creek Spring 6-Man Scramble on Sunday.

Each team posted a solid 21-under par score of 50. The T1 finish was good for $3,000 for each team.

The Purdy team finished alone in third place and earned $1,200.

But the three skins won on the day were the real story, with each skin worth $1,200.

The most unbelievable skin of the day belonged to Brett Hatley of Team Sommers, who ACED the par-4 fourth hole — a quick way to jump a team’s score 3-under par with a single swing.

Team Ailes also had a field shot to grab the second skin on the day, making an eagle-2 on the par-4 tenth hole. The combination of big skin and the first place tie made them the day’s biggest winners. Cool stat: Team Ailes has won a skin in every Eagle Creek 6-Man played thus far.

And finally a chip-in eagle at the shortened par-4 17th hole by Team Fitch earned them the final skin of the day.

Eagle Creek will host their Fall 6-Man Scramble on October 17th.


  1. Avatar
    April 27, 2010

    This ‘cheater cheater pumkin eater’ nonsense has gotten pretty lame. Assume for a moment that someone did cheat… instead of informing the tournament director and raising the issue on site, people come to this forum and take cheap shots without foundation?? This makes zero sense. Foreleft… your comments are baseless. Any rational person who witnessed an act of cheating would sound the alarms immediately. Maybe if you worked on your game instead of spending time creating false rumors and innuendos, you might cash.

  2. Avatar
    April 27, 2010

    I think you and I can both agree that your are beating a dead horse here. people like this are the type to make bold accusations all the time just for the sake of making themselves feel important. Rather than actually being important and addressing the situation when it needs to be addressed they go home and devise this master plan of “I’ll show them, I won’t let them cheat” they actually just become enablers and it my opinion are the ones who are actually cheating. So foreleft, thanks for letting us know you are a cheater…we’ll be watching you!

  3. Allen Freeman
    April 25, 2010

    C’mon. You or your pro should bring any such question immediately to the attention of the tournament director instead of speculating and guessing about it amongst yourselves, or making an anonymous claim on a website.

    The amateur status of players on a team is a black-and-white issue: the tournament director can easily research the status of the players of the team(s) involved, discuss the issue directly with the players and with the USGA if necessary, and then decide if the teams in question should be disqualified and/or banned.

    Are you or the others who are making these unsubstantiated claims 100% certain that these players haven’t regained their amateur status?

    Off-the-cuff talk among players does not get to the bottom of these types of questions, it just fuels pointless rumor and speculation. Identify the players in question to the tournament director so he can do his job, proving your claims right or wrong. But don’t complain anonymously to others at the end of an event or on a tournament website; you show no proof here of what you are saying, you hurt the reputation of well-run events, and your claims sound like sour grapes.

    Do the right thing and either identify the teams in question to the tournament director, or keep your baseless claims to yourself.

  4. Avatar
    April 25, 2010

    The pro we played with said he played on the mini tours with these two guys and they are both on the same team. Then later we were talking to another pro and he said the same thing about another group.

  5. Allen Freeman
    April 24, 2010

    Foreleft, provide proof: name the teams that had multiple pros. It’s not fair to make an accusation without backing up the accusation with facts…

  6. Avatar
    April 24, 2010

    This use to be a nice tourney. Multiple teams with multiple pros. Very unfortunate. I know several teams that said they wont be back.

  7. Avatar
    April 20, 2010

    The Ailes hole out happened right behind us, and the Fitch hole out happened right in front of us…..great shots….fun to watch….Congrats!!!

  8. Avatar
    April 20, 2010

    To win a skin in every Eagle Creek 6man thus far is quite impressive…Great job Team Ailes.

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