Reporting Tournament Results to

NEOHgolf150x150Reporting tournament results to Northeast Ohio Golf is easy!

The BEST reporting format: type out the results directly into the body of an email with everything in a single column straight down the page.

DO NOT USE multiple columns across a page! DO NOT USE tabs or spacing for alignment! Only results that are straight down the page can be copy/pasted for easy use.

As the header, type the event name or school names, the golf course name and location, the event day and date. Then list the FULL NAME of each player and his or her score under. Do this one-line-after-the-next right down the page, then email those results to (SAMPLE RESULTS FORMATS BELOW!)

You also may send typed results as an attached Word document, spreadsheet or text file. But the same format applies to attachments: type results in a single column straight down the page without using tabs, columns, etc. Keep it simple!

An attached PDF of typed scores can be used, but only if it follows the ‘straight text down the page’ format.

Another option: if your athletic department uses a service like VNN Pressbox to send scores to multiple media outlets all at once, simply add to your golf team’s Pressbox!

Do NOT submit photos or graphics as results!Please DO NOT email a photo of a scoresheet, a screen capture of an online scoring app, or a graphic file of typed scores as results. We cannot copy-and-paste those kinds of content into the website, so we cannot use it! Results must be typed to be used, and must include scores for all teams and players who participated in the event, not just your team.

Want to make your posts even better? Write a paragraph or two of ‘game story’ about the event: a few sentences on who played well, how the round unfolded, notes on course or weather conditions, aces or other special occurrences, etc.

Want truly great posts about your team? Attach a photo or two taken during the competition! A photo of a player hitting a shot, someone making a putt, the winner(s) holding a trophy, etc. Photos get noticed as they are used within the results story plus as a featured image on the home page and High School Golf category page.

Sample Results Formats

The following is a sample results email for a Stroke Play Tournament, formatted with all of the information required to make it cut-and-paste easy for

2016 Great Big Golf Championship
Fancy Links Golf Club, Somecity, Ohio
Friday, June 1, 2016
Jimmy John, Sometown 72-71=143 $750
Johnny Jim, Sometown 72-72-144 $500
James Jon, Sometown 72-73=145 $300
Jon Jim, Sometown 73-73=146
Jamison Johnathan, Sometown 74-74=148
SKINS: $50 ea
Jimmy John Hole #5 Birdie 3
James Jon Hole #12 Eagle 3


Here is a sample of results from a High School Golf Match:

FINAL RESULTS: Boys High School Golf
Big Catholic High School vs. Great Public High School
Fancy Links Golf Club, Somecity, Ohio | Par 36
Friday, August 1, 2016
Big Catholic High School: 146
Jim Player 36
Joe Player 37
Jerry Player 38
Jack Player 39
Jeb Player 40
Great Public High School: 150
Larry Player 35
Lisa Player 36
Lanny Player 37
Logan Player 38
Len Player 39

NOTE: if a high school match has four or more teams competing, please name the event using the HOST SCHOOL name (i.e. “Some Good School Invitational”) so the title of the event post is length manageable.

Remember, we CAN use a spreadsheet as an attachment sent to But please keep the spreadsheet format simple: don’t create multiple-column fields; don’t use macros or multi-sheet cross-references; don’t spend time setting fonts, alignments, or background colors. Simply type or calculate the results STRAIGHT DOWN THE PAGE so we can copy and paste your results!


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