SEASON FINALE: 2014 Chippewa Scratch League

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League
Jim Krivanek and Mike Simpson
Jim Krivanek and Mike Simpson

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueIn the season finale of the 2014 Chippewa Scratch League, Ty Kovach and Allen Freeman did exactly what they needed to do to catch league-leaders Mike Simpson and Jim Krivanek: they won one of the jumble’s 3-hole segments, made a skin, and finished in a first place tie overall.

But to their credit, that’s exactly what Simpson and Krivanek did as well to stay on top for the 2014 season.

Both teams finished the evening at 3-under par in the jumble format of scramble, better ball and alternate shot.

Freeman and Kovach won the scramble session at 4-under par for the first three holes and made an eagle skin on #11.

Simpson and Krivanek won the alternate shot three holes with a 1-under par score that included a birdie skin on the 16th.

So both teams earned the exact same amount of money, meaning no ground was gained in the race to the finish. Simpson finished in first position having won money on a week that Krivanek missed; same for Freeman and Kovach for third and fourth place. Final Standings for the season are posted below.

The players thank to Kevin, Don and Dylan for running a great league all season; it is very much appreciated. Kevin has some changes in store to grow the Chippewa Scratch League for the 2015 edition; watch for the Preview story in the spring with that announcement…


Chippewa Monday Scratch League2014 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 19 Results
Overall Results: 3/3/3 Jumble – Back Nine
T1- Maxwell/Bryson 33 (-3) $116
T1- Simpson/Krivanek 33(-3) $116
T1- Kovach/Freeman 33 (-3) $116
20 Teams

Scramble Segment:
Kovach Freeman 9 (-4) $50

Better Ball Segment
T1- Vought/Koprivec 11 (-1) $25
T1- Kabasky/Petry 11 (-1) $25

Alternate Shot Segment
Simpson/Krivanek 10 (-1) $50

Kovach/Freeman 3 on #11 $100
Spino/Spino 3 on #15 $100
Simpson/Krivanek 3 on #16 $100
Sloan/Skorman 3 on #18 $100



PlayerGift CertsCash PotSkinsCash NightTotal
1Mike Simpson$440.00$463.00$448.00$125.00$1,476.00
2Jimmy Krivanek$380.00$463.00$415.00$125.00$1,383.00
3Al Freeman$500.00$348.00$331.00$50.00$1,229.00
4Ty Kovach$400.00$258.00$331.00$50.00$1,039.00
5Sam Spino$450.00$222.50$175.00$847.50
6Eric Vought$360.00$267.50$66.66$12.50$706.66
7Mike Kracker$193.00$67.50$313.33$50.00$623.83
8Jeff Mallette$193.00$67.50$313.33$50.00$623.83
9Kenny Koprivek$280.00$220.00$66.66$12.50$579.16
10Dave Oates$350.00$142.50$72.00$564.50
11Rick Bryson$140.00$80.50$293.00$25.00$538.50
12Ryan Maxwell$140.00$80.50$293.00$25.00$538.50
13Rob Schustrich$100.00$100.00$236.00$25.00$461.00
14Chris Okeson$100.00$100.00$236.00$25.00$461.00
15Chris Helaney$410.00$410.00
16Dennis Berkheimer$410.00$410.00
17Bobby Spino$193.00$75.00$83.00$351.00
18Mark Thomas$140.00$45.00$142.50$327.50
19Russ Rybka$100.00$90.00$92.50$282.50
20Randy Skorman$113.00$30.00$122.00$265.00
21Kevin Sloan$113.00$30.00$122.00$265.00
22Rick Merrow$100.00$80.00$53.00$233.00
23Mike Armour$230.00$230.00
24Steve Marstinek$170.00$170.00
25Quinn Parker$80.00$45.00$36.00$161.00
26Dave Trier$80.00$47.50$127.50
27Steve Feist$126.66$126.66
28Jim Hockwalt$126.66$126.66
29Don Olney$80.00$45.00$125.00
30Bruce Dean$60.00$60.00$120.00
31Shane Bishop$119.00$119.00
32Dan Marr$60.00$50.00$110.00
33Brian Vincelettee$30.00$69.00$99.00
34Jim Grosso$30.00$69.00$99.00
35Raul Mendoza$92.50$92.50
36Dave Petraka$90.00$90.00
37Bernie Chupek$90.00$90.00
38Ed Diebold$86.00$86.00
39Vaughn Snyder$53.00$30.00$92.50$83.00
40Joe Flossie$66.66$66.66
41Rick Smith$66.66$66.66
42Aaron Crewse$60.00$60.00
43J.P. Jones$60.00$60.00
44Jason Chadima$60.00$60.00
45Jon Clark$60.00$60.00
46Jeff Dean$60.00$60.00
47Jim Cea$36.00$36.00
48Nathan Tarter$33.00$33.00
49John Kabasky$12.50$12.50
50Nate Petry$12.50$12.50
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