FINAL RESULTS: NOPGA 2012 Pro-Pro Shootout

Northern Ohio PGA

Northern Ohio PGA SectionFINAL RESULTS: NOPGA Pro-Pro Shoot-Out
Oberlin Golf Club, Oberlin, Ohio
Monday, April 30, 2012

Qualifying Format:
Chapman, two man teams. Each Player hits tee shot, Player A hits Player B’s shot. Player B hits Player A’s shot. One ball then is selected and played by partners alternating shoots until the ball is holed. 14 Teams will qualify for shoot-out. Ties will be broken by U.S.G.A. recommended method.

Qualifying Results:
1 Mike Stone Steve Stone 32-33–65 -7
2 Nicholas Myers Chuck Radabaugh 32-34–66 -6
T3 Mitch Flemming Brandon Veld 33-34–67 -5
T3 Mark Sierak Mark Evans 34-33–67 -5
T3 Clifford Purtilo Benjamin Farina 35-32–67 -5
T3 Matthew Creech Tony Milam 34-33–67 -5
T7 Tony Adcock Scott DeMuesy 35-33–68 -4
T7 Robert Moss Steve Mulcahy 34-34–68 -4
T7 Ben DeArmond Adam Crisp 33-35–68 -4
T7 Karen Paolozzi Vinnie Paolozzi 33-35–68 -4
T11 Christopher Carfangia Scott Karabin 35-34–69 -3
T11 David Pfeiffer Greg Andrego 34-35–69 -3
T11 Jaysen Hansen Gregory Smith 34-35–69 -3
T11 Tom Atchison Mitchell Camp 34-35–69 -3
T11 Nick Fox Jake Scott 33-36–69 -3
T11 Justin Long David Mottice 33-36–69 -3

Shoot-Out Format:
Select drive alternate Shot: Each Player hits tee shot, select one ball to be played by partner and alternate till ball is holed.

Shoot-Out Results:
1 Mike Stone Steve Stone $1,800.00
2 David Pfeiffer Greg Andrego $1,500.00
T3 Christopher Carfangia Scott Karabin $1,000.00
T3 Matthew Creech Tony Milam $1,000.00
T5 Tony Adcock Scott DeMuesy $800.00
T5 Mitch Flemming Brandon Veld $800.00
T7 Tom Atchison Mitchell Camp $600.00
T7 Nicholas Myers Chuck Radabaugh $600.00
T9 Clifford Purtilo Benjamin Farina $500.00
T9 Robert Moss Steve Mulcahy $500.00
T11 Mark Sierak Mark Evans $400.00
T11 Jaysen Hansen Gregory Smith $400.00
T13 Ben DeArmond Adam Crisp $300.00
T13 Karen Paolozzi Vinnie Paolozzi $300.00

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