Northeast Ohio Golf logoImagine playing nine holes in a 3-man scramble and making birdie on every par-3, birdie on every par-4, and eagle on every par-5.

Crazy, right? Maybe in a 4-man or 5-man, but in threes?

Well take a look at the scorecard from Brian Smith, Ryan Stefanski and Jimmy Wild from the inward half at Rawiga Golf Club during Saturday’s All-American 3-Man Scramble in Seville.

Because perfection is exactly what that 3-man team accomplished.

How stunning was their nine hole run? Put on your imagination hat again.

Imagine your team played the front nine in a sizzling 8-under par 28. A fantastic score.

Brad Herring, Joseph Stolpa and Jordan McKenzie
The Columbus-area team of Brad Herring, Joseph Stolpa and Jordan McKenzie were clubhouse leaders for most of the day.

Three teams did exactly that on Saturday: Team Smith; the Columbus-area team of Jordan McKenzie / Brad Herring / Joseph Stolpa (above); and the Akron local team of Jeff Dean / Bruce Dean / Doug Rockich.

Then you play the back nine. Sorry, Team McKenzie, your team came up short by five shots. Team Dean, off by six. Hey, thanks for coming.

Smith, Stefanski and Wild finished with an eye-popping score of 19-under par 53 on a Rawiga Golf Club course set up with hole locations on the edges of slopes and humps.

The pre-tournament talk concluded that 14-under par was the over/under to win. That 14-under number was a spot-on prediction for most of the day, until it wasn’t.

Knowing exactly what they were trying to accomplish in finishing up their perfect nine, the normally stoic Stefanski gave a full-blown fist pump as he buried the team’s uphill left-to-right birdie putt at the last from 12 feet.

A perfect nine holes and a 19-under total are both impressive feats, especially in a three-man scramble. Kudos and congratulations.

The aforementioned Columbus-area team of Herring / Stolpa / McKenzie finished with a total of 14-under par 58, earning them a solo second place.

Jon Clark, Kyle Jones
Jon Clark watches teammate Kyle Jones on the par-5 16th at Rawiga

Team Dean finished in a tie for third place with the team of Kyle Jones, Jon Clark and Quinn Parker. Team Jones started off their day with uninspiring 4-under par 32 front side, but rallied big on the back with a 9-under par 27.

Team Simpson and Team Sampson
Team Simpson and Team Sampson finished in a 3-way tie for 5th at Rawiga.

Team Simpson, Team Sampson and Team Gasser rounded out the pay window walk-ups with a T5 score of 12-under par 60.

Kurt Peterson, Brian Gasser, Matt Gasser
Kurt Peterson and Brian Gasser watch as Matt Gasser hits a shot at Rawiga.

There was a second bit of perfection on display at Rawiga on Saturday. Back to that imagination hat.

What is the perfect way win a skin? To hole-out a field shot of some sort, be it an ace on a par three or a dunk from the fairway.

And the only way such a field shot becomes a “perfect skin” is if that shot wins the entire skins pot, too.

Surprise! That scenario became reality for Matt Gasser, as his holed-out wedge on from 115 yards on the par-4 17th hole earned the entire $1,500 skins pot for himself, brother Brian Gasser, and Kurt Peterson.

Matt hit his wedge shot just past the hole then watched it as it spun back into the cup. That’s a perfect way to make a hole-out, too; see that baby go in. Congrats to Team Gasser.

The NEOHgolf.com Tournament Series goes on break for awhile, as the Calendar is packed with big tournaments over the next several weeks. The Series will return in September with a Stableford/Big Skins event scheduled for Raintree, as that go-for-it format was a big hit when last played. Stay tuned…

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Northeast Ohio Golf logoFINAL RESULTS:
Northeast Ohio Golf
2019 All-American 3-Man Scramble

Rawiga Golf Club, Seville, Ohio
Saturday, July 6, 2019

Brian Smith / Ryan Stefanski / Jimmy Wild 28 – 25 = 53 $1,110.00
Jordan McKenzie / Joseph Stolpa / Brad Herring 28 – 30 = 58 $780.00
Kyle Jones / Quinn Parker / Jon Clark 32 – 27 = 59 $390.00
Jeff Dean / Bruce Dean / Doug Rockich 28 – 31 = 59 $390.00
Matt Gasser / Brian Gasser / Kurt Peterson 31 – 29 = 60 $110.00
Mike Sampson / Ryan Mikita / Bob Sampson 29 – 31 = 60 $110.00
Mike Simpson / Vaughn Snyder / Aaron Czetli 31 – 29 = 60 $110.00
Eric Frishette / Cliff Grubb / Scott Cope 30 – 31 = 61
Joe Nemeth / Rob Wakeling / Dan Marr 32 – 30 = 62
Josh Prok / Kent Monas / Danielle Nicholson 33 – 29 = 62
Ty Kovach / Ken Koprivec / Shaun Kloetzer 31 – 31 = 62
Larry Lahnan / Fred Miller / Tom Laughbacher 31 – 31 = 62
Mark Schneider / Aaron Crewse / Brian Vincelette 31 – 32 = 63
John Kabasky / Don Coleman / Jeff Wenger 32 – 31 = 63
Bob Berkheimer / Dennis Berkheimer / Dave Goda 30 – 33 = 63
Jim Cea / Bobby Spino / Bruno Chirumbolo 34 – 30 = 64
Dave Trier / Dean Cutlip / Jeff Stormer 32 – 32 = 64
Lucas Ciulla / Sean Mahon / Jesper Jenson 34 – 31 = 65
Zach Baker / Ian Sewolich / Josh Smith 31 – 34 = 65
Brian Beebe / Tom Stack / Will Ellison 33 – 32 = 65
Dan Terry / Greg Tayler / Justin Trzebuckowski 33 – 32 = 65
Troy Luckenbaugh / Jered Lance / Jay Brooks 33 – 33 = 66
Zachary VanRyzin / John Bellios / Brian Gamble 33 – 34 = 67
Nick Foschia / Gaven Cona / Nick Fiocca 35 – 33 = 68
Anthony Marozzi / Michael Marozzi / Michael Leoffler 35 – 36 = 71
Joe Cistone / Dave Cistone / Tyson Truitt DNS

SKINS: $1,500 ea
Team Gasser – Eagle 2, Hole #17

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