Cleveland Metroparks GolfThe Cleveland Metroparks Golf Tour Championship ended in a gentlemen’s tie between Nick Anagnost and Dan Predovic on Saturday. Both players scored a 73 at Manakiki on a near perfect October day and decided to share the win instead of heading to playoff.

Contestants in the event were also fighting for the 2017 Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year points race. In another exciting finish, Jason Jendre edged out Steve Blackburn Jr. by just one point to win the coveted POY title in the Championship Division.

Blackburn finished T3 while Jendre finished T6 at Manakiki, making the final outcome a tight one. Blackburn passed Jack Garswood, who fell to third in the final 2017 POY standings. With his tie for first at Manakiki, Anagnost jumped into 7th position.

In the Senior Division, Andrew Jendre had already mathematically earned the Senior POY title with his big lead heading into the Tour Championship, while Allen Freeman sat in the runner-up position. Neither player competed. But with a chance to make a move, Scott Saari did his best to unseat Freeman at Manakiki, finishing T3 in the Tour Championship. Saari came up just one point shy of Freeman, but slipped past Paul LaGrotteria for third to nab a bonus gift card. Saari also jumped into 8th place in the Championship Division to earn a bit more there as well, while leader Andrew Jendre finished 6th on the year amongst the younger set.

If you have any comments or ideas to better the Cleveland Metroparks Golf Tournament Series or the Player of the Year program, please email us over the winter months. We look forward to another exciting CMG season in 2018!

Nick Anagnost and Dan Predovic
2017 CMG Tour Championship co-winners Nick Anagnost and Dan Predovic. Both shot 73 at Manakiki on Sat, Oct 14th.

Manakiki Golf CourseFINAL RESULTS: Cleveland Metroparks Golf
2017 Tour Championship

Manakiki Golf Course, Willoughby Hills OH
Saturday, October 14, 2017

T1 Nick Anagnost 73 $159.20
T1 Dan Predovic 73 $159.20
T3 Scott Saari 75 $39.80
T3 Steve Blackburn Jr. 75 $39.80
5 AJ Borisa 77
T6 Jason Jendre 79
T6 Steve Blackburn Sr. 79
8 Eric Wonkovich 80
9 Jack Garswood 83
10 Bill Mooney 87
11 Paul LaGrotteria 88
W12 Tom O’Boyle WD


Final 2017 Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year Standings

1 Jason Jendre 181 $300
2 Steve Blackburn Jr. 180 $210
3 Jack Garswood 163 $170
4 Ryan Stefanski 142 $140
5 A.J. Borisa 119 $100
6 Andrew Jendre 115 $90
7 Niko Anagnost 93 $80
8 Scott Saari 77 $60
9 Matt Paterini 72 $50
10 Brian Polick 71 $40
11 Paul LaGrotteria 59
T12 David Sotka 58
T12 Dan Predovic 58
T14 Andy Grayson 56
T15 Jimmy Wild 55
T15 Andrew Bailey 55
T17 Matthew McAdoo 50
T17 Chris Okeson 50
19 Tim Moore 48
20 Thomas Wittacker 45
T21 Allen Freeman 44
T21 Eric Wonkovich 44
23 Justin Roth 43
T24 Robert Schustrich 42
T24 Howard Clendenin 42
T24 Charlies Milo 42
T27 Tobias Drake 41
T27 Joe Puch 41
T27 Doug Barber 41
30 Phil Latsko 37

1 Andrew Jendre 131 $150
2 Allen Freeman 90 $100
3 Scott Saari 89 $50
4 Paul LaGrotteria 68
5 Steve Blackburn Sr. 67
6 Mark Foss 49
7 Jim Hercheck 40
T8 David Trier 38
T8 Dean Cutlip 38
10 Larry Lahnan 35
T11 David Peck 30
T11 Cary Slabaugh 30
T11 Marc Pogachar 30
14 Fred Miller 27
15 David Stover 24
16 Steve Bedell 21
T17 Phillip Jendre 16
T17 Tom Skidmore 16
19 Tom Lauderbacher 15
T20 Ray McNiece 12
T20 Mike Beres 12
T20 George Allen 12

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