Webpoll #2 Results: Summit County Am Nips Cleveland Am

2017 Summit County Amateur trophy presentation
Director Larry Zimmerman, champ Howard Clendenin, and Sponsor Pat Wheeler at the 2017 Summit County Am trophy presentation.

Week 2 2018 Webpoll: Best Amateur ChampionshipThe Summit County Amateur Championship just barely slipped past the Greater Cleveland Amateur Championship as “amateur tournament you’d most like to win” in the Weekly Winter Webpoll #2.

The difference was a whopping four votes.

With a total of only 94 votes cast, the Summit County took 30 of those votes, while the Cleveland Am scored 26.

Finishing in third place was the Chippewa Championship with 12 votes, followed by NOGA’s Northeast Ohio Am with 9.

Complete Weekly Winter Webpoll #2 results below:

Which Northeast Ohio amateur championship is the one you'd most like to win (or best you have won)?

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