Playoff Fever at ADGA Lanning’s Stroke Play

Aaron Crewse 2014

Aaron Crewse 2014 ADGA Lannings

Lannings RestaurantIt was extra holes for both divisions at the 2014 Akron District Golf Association’s Lanning’s Stroke Play Championship.

The Senior Division went off early in the day in Sunday’s round at Turkeyfoot, with everyone chasing Rick Bryson after his first round 68 at Seven Hills. But Bryson struggled to a score of 80 at Turkeyfoot, and Mark Borlin and Jim Cea ended up tied and one shot ahead of Bryson. So began Playoff #1 for the Senior Championship.

Driving the green from 310 yards at hole number one, Borlin won the playoff with a par, earning the ADGA Senior victory when Cea missed a short putt and made bogey.

HowardClendenin2014ADGALannigsIn the Championship Division, it was a battle royale between Howard Clendenin (pictured left) and Aaron Crewse (pictured above) on the back nine at Turkeyfoot.

First-round leader Dave Oates had a tough day at Turkeyfoot, putting him out of the mix. So it was up to the supporting cast, and it appeared Clendenin would continue on with his hot streak from 2013.

Crewse led Clendenin after Day 1 at Seven Hills by one shot, but Clendenin had a strong first nine at Turkeyfoot, grabbing a sizable lead after shooting a 1-under par through the turn. Truly, it looked as if Clendenin was going to win in a walk.

But Clendenin opened the door slightly with some missed putts early on the back nine, and Aaron Crewse never give in even after his early round putting woes.

The final three holes were something to watch.

Crewse posted a spectacular 4-under par 31 on the back nine and matched Clendenin’s birdie-birdie-birdie finish, sending both men to a playoff. In fact, Crewse’s birdie putt at the last, from 12 feet above the cup with about 8 inches of break left-to-right, was the stuff of stories you tell the grand kids.

With bad weather looming on the horizon, the pair went to their playoff and this one was over after the first hole as well.

Clendenin and Crewse played the 14th hole, and both drove it just in front of the green with solid tee shots. Crewse put his second shot above the hole to six feet rolling it up the hill, and Howard was 12 feet below the hole, surprisingly just on the edge of the crest.

After Clendenin missed just low, Crewse rolled home his birdie putt to with the Championship.

ADGAFINAL RESULTS: 2014 Akron District Golf Association Lannings Stroke Play Championship
Rd 1 Seven Hills Country Club, Saturday, June 28th
Rd 2 Turkeyfoot Lakes Golf Club, Sunday, June 29th


T1 Aaron Crewse 72-69–141 $500.00* – won playoff
Howard Clendenin 73-68–141 $450.00
T3 David Trier 74-75–149 $375.00
Kurt Peterson 76-73–149 $375.00
T5 Dan Marr 76-74–150 $275.00
Mike Simpson 74-76–150 $275.00
7 Brian Smith 77-74–151 $200.00
T8 Bob Spino 75-77–152
David Oates 70-82–152
T10 Mark Guadagni 76-77–153
Tommy Li 76-77–153
12 Brian Vincelette 77-77–154
13 Shaun Kloetzer 77-78–155
T14 Al Freeman 73-83–156
Dean Cutlip 78-78–156
16 John Karamas 80-78–158
17 Rob Schustrich 82-78–160
T18 Jack Garswood IV 81-81–162
John Topeka 82-80–162
T20 Chuck DeRemer 80-83–163
Ryan Maxwell 83-80–163
T22 Jeff Hetler 81-83–164
Mike Lenartowicz 83-81–164
24 Quinn Parker 83-82–165
T25 Chris Plute 82-84–166
Mychal Agarenzo 86-80–166
27 Rob Loomis 84-84–168
T28 Jeff Godzak 86-84–170
Mike Armour 83-87–170
30 Dennis Berkheimer 90-84–174
31 Mike Shisler 88-87–175
32 Jeff Barbas 88-88–176
33 Kevin Zeng 96-83–179
34 Alex Loftin 103-77–180
35 Ismail Haroon 90-91–181
36 Derik Sibit 100-95–195
T37 Bruce Bailey 87-NC–NC
Mark Andrews 88-NC–NC

Skins – $90.00 ea
Brian Smith 2 on 8
John Karamas 2 on 13
Bob Spino 2 on 14
Jeff Hetler 2 on 15


T1 Mark Borlin 77-70–147 $500.00* – won playoff
Jim Cea 77-70–147 $450.00
3 Rick Bryson 68-80–148 $400.00
4 Jim Durr 74-75–149 $350.00
5 Nick Lambos 74-76–150 $300.00
6 Mark Thomas 76-75–151 $250.00
7 Larry Lahnan 78-74–152 $200.00
T8 Fred Miller 74-79–153
John Zitkovic 75-78–153
Ron Bell 76-77–153
T11 Brian Huntley 75-79–154
Sam Spino Jr 80-74–154
T13 Joe Hedrick 83-72–155
Tom Baugh 78-77–155
15 Tom Seever 79-77–156
T16 Jim Niskanen 79-78–157
Mike Hochschwender 77-80–157
T18 Mark Foss 80-78–158
Tom Stack 81-77–158
T20 Tim Davis 79-81–160
Tom Skidmore 82-78–160
22 Troy Luckenbaugh 80-81–161
23 Doug Rockich 81-81–162
T24 Bill Downing 81-82–163
Mark Ciccarello 82-81–163
Ray Durbin 80-83–163
T27 Fred Martin 83-81–164
Joe Denk 86-78–164
T29 Dave Woodrum 84-81–165
Ed Marsinek 84-81–165
31 Terry Szwast 87-80–167
T32 Dave Cutlip 82-86–168
Larry Kerns 84-84–168
T34 Jim Tarter 90-NC–NC
Ron Miller 90-NC–NC

Senior Skins – $72.00 ea
Sam Spino Jr 2 on 1
Fred Miller 2 on 2
Jim Cea 2 on 5
Doug Rockich 3 on 11
Sam Spino Jr 3 on 16

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