Medalist Tour’s 2010 Firestone Classic Results

The Medalist TourOnce the thunder clouds went away, Blake Sattler had some lightning of his own, firing a 5-under par 67 to win the professional division of The Firestone Classic at on Firestone Country Club’s North Course on Tuesday June 22nd, good for $1,000.

Finishing in a tie for second place at 3-under 69 were Gary Trivisonno, Ryan Gutowski, Robert Rohanna and Steve Lee. Each earned $362.50.

Perhaps the hottest guy on the course in the end was Champion Flight winner Ross Beal. He shot 4-over 40 on the front side before catching fire on the back. His 6-under 30 included two eagles. His final score of 70 was one shot better than newcomer Josh Koch and two better than Darren Phipps. It was the second amateur victory of the year for Beal, who also was low amateur at Aurora Country Club. Beal earned $400 for his effort, while Koch won $300 and Phipps $200.

Gary Trivisonno won the Open Senior competition with his 69. That was five shots better than Walt Robertson and Jim Cea who finished tied for second with 74s. Mike Hart shot 76 and paced 4th and Mike Hastings shot 78 and finished 5th. Trivisonno earned an additional $400 while Robertson and Cea each earned $200. Hart won $100 and Hastings $50.

In the handicapped First Flight, Chris Plute shot a net 68 and won the $200 first prize, while Rick Evans netted 69 for second and $100. Butch Morrette netted a 70 and won $50.

There will be no carry overs this week in the skin game. Robert Rohanna made a great 2 on the difficult par 3 17th and Zack Panek birdied the fifth hole to win $500 each.

Hastings and Matt Mabie won the pin shots and $100 each.

The next event will be the Medalist Tour Freedom Classic at The Quarry Golf Club in Canton on Friday, July 2nd.

FINAL RESULTS: The Medalist Tour’s Firestone Classic
Firestone Country Club North Course, Akron, Ohio
Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010 – Par 72

Blake Sattler ($1,000)323567
Robert Rohanna ($362.50)363369
Ryan Gutowski ($362.50)343569
Gary Trivisonno ($362.50)343569
Steven Lee ($362.50)363369
Garrett Frank ($150)333770
Jay Jurecic ($150)353570
Nick Latimer ($25)353671
Vaughn Snyder ($25)373471
Randy Dietz373572
Jake Scott353873
Scott Holmes373673
Ryan Martin373673
Dan Rush403373
Walt Robertson373774
Tim Ailes373875
Steve Weir344175
Bob Koch373875
Brad Wright354277
Casten Reed344377
Matt Mabie374077
Jonathan Thornton364682
Phillip Bryan414384
Mike Sarap414687
Mike Dessecker464187
Seth Zipay444690
Russ Papa484391
Vince Gentile464995
Eric Frishette38xxDQ
Senior Open
Gary Trivisonno ($400)343569
Walt Robertson ($200)373774
Jim Cea ($200)363874
Mike Hart ($100)403676
Mike Hastings ($50)403878
Joe Nowak404080
Mike Lynch384280
John Hilinski394281
Steve Shaw433982
Gary Nowak384684
Dennis Carmedy405090
Russ Papa484391
Ron Millern/s
Amateurs: Championship Flight
Ross Beal ($400)403070
Josh Koch ($300)333871
Darren Phipps ($200)363672
Mark Beneke ($150)373875
Danny Mosholder ($100)363975
Brent Whitaker ($75)363975
Kellen Erdman ($50)413576
Matt Query383977
Drew Thompson393877
Tom Li403878
Matt Krieder354378
Buddy Gerus394079
Paul Kish394180
Rob Loomis394180
Drew Davidson423880
Sean Hunka374582
Dan Predovic453883
Tim Hepner404484
Zack Panek394685
William Ellison444993
Amateurs: First FlightHcpNet
Chris Plute ($200)404181-1368
Rick Evans ($100)384381-1269
Butch Morrette ($50)404080-1070
John Hilinski394281-873
Dianna Smith434487-1275
Kevin Zheng454590-1575
Steve Freeman404282-775
Mike Green404890-1476
Keith Scott424789-782
Larry Whetsell444993-1182
Dennis Carmedy405090-783
Robert Rohanna – $500 (2 on #17)
Zack Panek – $500 (3 on #5).
Pin Shot:
Mike Hastings – $100
Matt Mabie – $100
Ryan Gutowski – $310
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