Greater Cleveland Skins Game Schedules 2016 Preseason Meeting

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameThe Greater Cleveland Skins Game will host its 2016 season planning meeting on Monday, March 21 at 7pm at Mulligan’s Pub & Grille at 6131 Highland Road in Highland Heights.

I will be putting together the list of courses before then so if you have any courses you want or don’t want, let me know. This will be our 26th season.

John NiedzialekPlease thank the courses when you get a chance for helping us out. Many do offer us reduced fees in keeping with the original intent of the Greater Cleveland Skins Game in making it a game that benefits and gives a great value to our amateur players.

If anyone has a suggestion on rules changes for the season, please give them to me prior to the meeting. We already have one and it will be discussed and voted on so come to the meeting to voice your opinion; if you cannot be there let me know.

The rules change to be discussed is: To create a separate Senior Division age 55 and up and a separate championship cup to the senior winner. Seniors would play in a separate pot from the next tee forward (typically the white tees).

The same skins fee will apply to the Senior group and we would have to discuss how that would play out with the Mulligan’s Points.

A contingency will be in effect that there must be at least 4 Senior players at the event that night in order to have a Senior division. If not, the Seniors join the regular group that particular week using the rules previously adopted on what tees to use.

Another point of discussion will be how Mulligan Points are awarded. A suggestion was made last season at end of the year in doing it a different way in collecting fees each week instead of upfront.

Thanks, See you soon.

John Niedzialek

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