Greater Cleveland Skins Game Revises Rules for 2016

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

John NiedzialekThe Greater Cleveland Skins Game will make some small changes to its 2016 Rules of Competition after completing its preseason meeting.

First, the entry fee amount each week will rise to $32 to allow $2 to go to the Mulligan’s Cup race, using the week-to-week entry method suggested by Brian Perkins.

Sean Kreft of Mulligan’s Bar & Grill has donated $500 to the Greater Cleveland Skins Game for the sponsorship of the Mulligan’s Cup.

Greater Cleveland Skins GameThe handicap rule to play from a more forward tee will remain at 5.0 to allow those players with 5.0 index or higher to move up one tee box, to allow all players to be more competitive.

A lengthy discussion was held on creating a separate Senior game and the idea was rejected, as the season-long standings and the original intent and integrity of the Skins Game and Thompson Cup would be challenged. The group present felt that over the last five years the Skins Game has already adopted several rules to help seniors. It was also noted that the game could be split in a negative way by adopting such a process. It would also be difficult to craft a way to play for Mulligan’s points if there were two games. A motion was made to try a split game, but no consensus was reached.

In lieu of splitting the game for Seniors, the following plan was adopted to try to be fair to all players while upholding the original intent of the game adopted 26 years ago:

– Senior players age 55 and higher can now hit from the upper tee box on all holes including the par 3’s.
– a separate additional, optional and unofficial senior skins game can be started as a side game, with the amount still to be determined. Four or more players will be needed to do that on each Thursday.

The 2016 season will open up at Fowlers Mill on April 14. Each week, a different ‘regular’ will take a turn at being a host to welcome new players and to get players in groups.

The full 2016 schedule will be announced April 1.

Please thanks the courses that have given us reduced green fee rates as is the tradition

John Niedzialek

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