FINAL STANDINGS: 2016 Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year

Nick Anagnost 2016 CMG Player of the Year
Nick Anagnost and Ryan Stefanski
Nick Anagnost (left) is the CMG 2016 Player of the Year; Ryan Stefanski (right) won the CMG Tour Championship

Cleveland Metroparks GolfThere wouldn’t seem to be a lot of difference between finishing solo second and being tied for third. But that difference was just enough in the CMG Tour Championship at Manakiki last Saturday to allow Nick Anagnost to capture the 2016 Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year award for 2016, edging out Steve Blackburn Jr. by a single point!

Blackburn Jr. had lead the points race for most of the season. But Anagnost was able to earn more points than Blackburn in four of the final five events of the season, and that strong finish allowed Nick to come out on top. Anagnost finished with 229 points to Blackburn Jr.’s 228.

Anagnost’s win broke the four year run of David Sotka as CMG Player of the Year.

The top-ten points leaders split a bonus pool of $1,300 in Cleveland Metroparks Gift Cards; a breakdown is listed below.

Allen Freeman and Mike Beres 2016 Senior Cleveland AmAllen Freeman (in yellow) cruised to a first place finish in the Senior Division with a total of 128 points (he also finish 9th in the main division). Freeman finished 49 points ahead of Mike Beres (right). The top three seniors split a pool of $340, also listed below.

Thank you to everyone who played in the event series, and to the nearly 120 players who earned points in either division!

Over the next few months, please feel free to reach out with any suggestions, comments or ideas on how we can make the CMG Tournament Series better and more fun for 2017…

Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year

1 Nick Anangost 229 $310.00
2 Steve Blackburn Jr. 228 $230.00
3 Brian Polick 201 $190.00
4 David Sotka 179 $150.00
5 Jack Garswood 148 $100.00
6 Ryan Stefanski 148 $90.00
7 A.J. Borisa 109 $80.00
8 Jacob Appleby 78 $60.00
9 Allen Freeman 70 $50.00
10 Bill Speirs 65 $40.00
11 Brian Smith 63
12 Robert Schustrich 61
13 Jason Jendre 56
14 Steve Blackburn Sr. 48
T15 Peyton White 45
T15 Mark Borlin 45
T17 John Williams 43
T17 Mark Foss 43
19 Paul LaGrotteria 41
T20 Tim Cebula 38
T20 Andrew Jendre 38
T22 Austin Zoller 37
T22 Doug Barber 37
T22 Eric Wonkovich 37
T25 Gage Basiletti 36
T25 Chris Okeson 36
T27 John Baggott 35
T27 Jackson Farling 35
T29 Phil Latsko 33
T29 Mike Beres 33

Senior Division:

1 Allen Freeman 128 $170.00
2 Mike Beres 79 $110.00
3 Andrew Jendre 78 $60.00
4 Mark Foss 71
5 Steve Blackburn Sr. 68
6 Mark Borlin 61
7 Paul LaGrotteria 58
T8 Tom Lauderbacher 28
T8 Scott Saari 28
T10 Larry Lahnan 25
T10 Michael Mintz 25
12 Phillip Jendre 20
13 Pat Tyrrell 18
14 Scott Heran 17
15 David Peck 16
T16 Jim Cea 13
T16 Ron Bell 13
T16 Rodney May 13
19 Ray Durban 9
20 Barry Cohn 8

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