FINAL RESULTS: 2016 NOPGA East – West Assistants Cup Matches

Northern Ohio PGA

The Northern Ohio PGA East-West Assistants Cup was won by the East Team for the 9th time. Captain Schulze and Captain Sierak guided their teams to a 10 to 6 victory at the Sand Ridge Golf Club in Chardon, Ohio. Now in its 11th year, the East-West Assistants Ohio Cup tradition continues to gain momentum. This Ryder cup style event features the top eight players from the East and West Sides of the Northern Ohio PGA.

2016 East-West Assistants Cup Matches

Sand Ridge Golf Club, Chardon, Ohio
Thursday-Friday, September 22-23, 2016

East Team
Captain – Robb Schulze
Captain- Mark Sierak
Casey Schrader
Nick Latimer
Garrett Korte
Dan Mahoney
Katie Jenior
Jordan Paolini
Jaysen Hansen
Adam Lewicki

West Team
Captain- Eric Morgan
Captain- Chuck Radabaugh
Milton Carswell
Kevin Miller
Tim Perin
Billy Barbour II
Asa Donaldson
Robert Lucente
John Powers
Jake Houston

Round #1 – Foursome Matches
Mahoney/Paolini def. Donaldson/Lucente, 2&1
Carswell/Miller def. Schrader/Latimer, 3&2
Hansen/Lewicki (halved) Powers/Houston
Perin/Barbour II def. Jenior/Korte, 3&2
West – 2.5 East 1.5

Round #2 – Fourball Matches
Schrader/Latimer def. Carswell/Miller, 2&1
Korte/Mahoney def. Perin/Barbour II, 5&3
Powers/Houston def. Hasen/Lewicki, 3&2
Jenior/Paolini def. Donaldson/Lucente, 2&1
East-3 West 1

Round #3 – Single Matches
Jenior def. Lucente, 3&2
Barbour II def. Lewicki, 5&3
Hansen def. Carswell, 1 Up
Latimer def. Miller, 4&3
Schrader def. Powers, 1 Up
Mahoney def. Perin, 2&1
Houston def. Korte, 1 Up
Paolini vs. Donaldson, halved

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