Fighting Back: Aurora Residents Appeal Ohio EPA Decision, Takes Up the Issue

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Aurora Golf ClubWhat appeared to be a foregone conclusion on the closing of Aurora Golf Club by the Ohio EPA suddenly looks a bit less certain, for two reasons:

– a group of Aurora residents have formed a legal response group and hired an attorney to pursue an appeal against the Ohio EPA’s decision to purchase then close the Aurora Golf Club for the suspect reason of ‘improved water quality’;, a highly-respected political blog and state watchdog group, has posted an article on its website taking to task the Ohio EPA for an issue not covered much to this point: that the funding process being used may not be within the boundaries of the law.

How can Northeast Ohio Golf readers help?

First, read the story posted by Ohio Watchdog here to get yet another perspective on this city/state government boondoggle. The story covers a series of issues not discussed much thus far about the plan to use taxpayer money to buy then close an operating golf business. Without question it’s a frustrating read from a good-government perspective, but it shines an important light on the process to date that makes the entire plan seem even more unseemly.

Next, take a minute to send an email to George Heisler, one of the members of the Aurora-based group who have hired an attorney to appeal this absurd decision. When you email him at, provide your name and the city where you live so that he can add you to a petition roster that will be created to present during the appeal. The intent is to show that a large number of residents and taxpayers oppose this crazy idea and feel that the Ohio EPA railroaded through their own plan/final decision.

Both Heisler and Northeast Ohio Golf will keep you posted on the appeal process…

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    February 2, 2013

    4.7 mil Tax payer money spent. Time to start following the money and see why things were done the way they were.

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