2019 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 10 Results

Logo for the Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League, Doylestown Ohio

Two big stars shone in Week 10 of the 2019 Chippewa Scratch League season.

The team of Rick Bryson and Jeff Dean won outright in the better ball format on the back nine of Chippewa on Monday with a score of 4-under par 32. With a hearty 19 teams in the field, the pair pulled down nearly $250 for their efforts.

But the big winners were a pair of non-regulars who might now be hooked enough to visit more often. Mike Myers and Shane Nalepa finished one shot behind the victors, but they also nabbed the entire skins pot of $380 with a birdie on the par-4 16th hole — which played tough into some stormy gusting winds…

2019 Chippewa Monday 2-M Scratch League

Better Ball: Back 9
August 5, 2019

1st: Jeff Dean / Rick Bryson (32) $247.50
T2nd: Mike Myers / Shane Nalepa (33) $82.50
T2nd: Simpson / Krivanek (33) $82.50
T2nd: Kloetzer / Karamas (33) $82.50
19 teams competed

Mike Myers / Shane Nalepa (3) #16 $380


Vaughn Snyder$570.16$420.16$150.00
Dave Oates$542.51$465.01$77.50
Sam Spino$542.51$465.01$77.50
Dave Snyder$519.33$369.33$150.00
Mike Simpson$509.16$229.16$280.00
John Karamas$448.75$53.75$395.00
Shaun Kloetzer$448.75$53.75$395.00
Bobby Spino$383.38$255.38$128.00
Jim Krivanek$351.50$97.50$254.00
Rob Schustrich$338.50$338.50$0.00
Dan Marr$271.13$143.13$128.00
John Kabasky$269.91$243.91$26.00
Jimmy Wild$267.01$124.01$143.00
Matt Frey$267.01$124.01$143.00
Mitch Levengood$247.67$247.67$0.00
Allen Freeman$239.29$239.29$0.00
Ken Koprivec$238.76$159.26$79.50
Mike Myers$231.25$41.25$190.00
Shane Nalepa$231.25$41.25$190.00
Bobby Harmon$229.88$79.88$150.00
Eric Coleman$229.88$79.88$150.00
Ty Kovach$221.04$221.04$0.00
Jason Chadima$192.50$102.50$90.00
Mike Armour$192.50$102.50$90.00
Shayne Bishop$179.71$100.21$79.50
Jeff Dean$173.13$173.13$0.00
Rick Bryson$173.13$173.13$0.00
Chris Okeson$109.08$109.08$0.00
Dylan Erks$108.75$18.75$90.00
Colton Vincelette$82.75$18.75$64.00
Bernie Chupek$74.00$0.00$74.00
Jeff Mallette$59.05$59.05$0.00
Kyle Jones$50.83$50.83$0.00
Kevin Breen$50.00$0.00$50.00
Mike Atkinson$50.00$0.00$50.00
Zach Drukenbrod$46.50$0.00$46.50
Austin Griffith$27.50$0.00$27.50
Chris Helaney$27.50$0.00$27.50
Jason Hall$27.50$0.00$27.50
Aaron Apticar$26.00$0.00$26.00
JJ Grabowski$12.50$12.50$0.00
Pat Carruth$12.50$12.50$0.00
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