2017 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 4 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

It was a hole-out fest in Week 4 of the Chippewa Scratch League!

The scramble format on the front nine featured multiple chip-ins and a slew of holed putts, generating three eagle skins.

Ty Kovach started the hole-outs with a 30 yard chip from left of the green on the first hole to nab the first eagle skin. Later his partner, Allen Freeman, holed a pitch from left of the 8th green for a birdie to get the pair to a total score of 6-under par 29.

That leading score was matched by a hot putting round from Dave Oates and Sam Spino Jr., who also finished at 29. “They made everything they looked at,” commented Dan Marr, who played along side.

Three teams tied for third place at 31, two shots behind the winning pairs.

Tyler Watkins and Matt Warren added to the chip-in total for the week, holing a pitch shot for eagle from just right of the 7th green for a skin.

And it took an eagle on the par-5 third from Jeff Dean and Rick Bryson to nab that skin.

And Ken Koprivec made a twisting 20-foot putt on the fifth to nab the fourth skin of the evening for he and Shayne Bishop.

Kovach and Freeman widened the gap on their league-leading totals, but there is still a lot of season left in 2017…

Chippewa Monday Scratch League2017 CHIPPEWA SCRATCH LEAGUE
Week 4 Results – Scramble Front 9

Monday, June 5, 2017

T1st Place – Allen Freeman / Ty Kovach (29) $216
T1st Place – Sam Spino Jr. / Dave Oates (29) $216
T3 Place – Mitch Levengood / Tim Hepner (31) $36
T3 Place – Mark Thomas / Rob Schustrich (31) $36
T3 Place – Jeff Dean / Rick Bryson (31) $36

Ty Kovach / Allen Freeman – #1 (Eagle 2) $100.00
Jeff Dean / Rick Bryson – #3 (Eagle 3) $100.00
Kenny Koprivec / Shayne Bishop – #5 (Birdie 3) $100.00
Tyler Watkins / Matt Warren – #7 (Eagle 2) $100.00

20 Teams Competed


Ty Kovach$535.50$355.50$180.00
Allen Freeman$535.50$355.50$180.00
Sam Spino$431.50$301.50$130.00
Dave Oates$319.00$189.00$130.00
Mark Thomas$200.50$130.50$70.00
Rob Schustrich$198.25$128.25$70.00
Ken Koprivec$120.00$0.00$120.00
Shayne Bishop$120.00$0.00$120.00
Dennis Berkheimer$112.50$112.50$0.00
Chris Okeson$110.25$110.25$0.00
Tyler Watkins$110.00$0.00$110.00
Mitch Levengood$74.25$74.25$0.00
Tim Hepner$74.25$74.25$0.00
Adam Arman$70.00$0.00$70.00
Bernie Chupek$70.00$0.00$70.00
Josh Widner$70.00$0.00$70.00
Jeff Dean$68.00$18.00$50.00
Rick Bryson$68.00$18.00$50.00
Tyler McHugh$60.00$0.00$60.00
Bobby Spino$56.25$56.25$0.00
Dan Marr$56.25$56.25$0.00
Matt Warren$50.00$0.00$50.00

The Chippewa Scratch League is a weekly 9-hole 2-player team series played every Monday from 4-6p in Doylestown. It is open to all amateurs any week of the season, and features rotating formats of scramble, better ball and shamble with a team skins game. League details here >

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