2016 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 9 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueSeveral new faces played for the first time this season in Week 9 of the 2016 Chippewa Scratch League.

One of those new players came in as a replacement partner, and walked out as one of the big winners.

Raul Mendoza was without his regular partner Russ Rybka on the first Monday back after the long July 4th break. So Raul recruited young gun Zach Drukenbrod to play. The two of them went on to tie for first place in the Shamble Combined Score format, and also nab one of four skins won on the evening. That first place tie was good for $176, while the skin earned them another $82.50.

Tyler Watkins and Matt Warren tied as the first place finishers, as both teams shot 5-under par 65 as their two-man combined score.

Shayne Bishop and Ken Koprevic continued their run as the players sitting on top of the 2016 Chippewa Scratch League Leaderboard, as they finished inside the top-3 for the seventh time in nine events to hold their lead positions…

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueFINAL RESULTS:
Chippewa Scratch League – Week 9

Shamble-Combined Score, Front 9
Monday, July 11, 2016

T-1st: Tyler Watkins / Matt Warren 65 $176
T-1st: Raul Mendeza / Zach Drukenbrod 65 $176
T-3rd: Sam Spino / Brian Smith 67 $44
T-3rd: Shane Bishop / Kenny Koprevec 67 $44
Total Teams: 16

Ty Kovach / Al Freeman 6 Hole 1 $82.50
John Ketcham / Ryan Lowe 4 Hole 2 $82.50
Mike Simpson / Dave Trier 7 Hole 3 $82.50
Raul Mendeza / Zach Drukenbrod 7 Hole 9 $82.50



Shayne Bishop$584.12$499.12$85.00
Ken Koprivec$514.12$429.12$85.00
Mike Simpson$456.50$283.75$172.75
Allen Freeman$369.25$278.00$91.25
Jim Krivanek$366.75$235.25$131.50
Ty Kovach$327.37$236.12$91.25
Mike Armour$326.50$180.00$146.50
Bobby Spino$280.38$90.38$190.00
Sam Spino$271.50$186.50$85.00
Dan Marr$238.50$48.50$190.00
Dave Oates$207.62$122.62$85.00
Bernie Chupek$205.00$165.00$40.00
Rob Cunningham$186.50$186.50
Jeff Barbas$186.50$186.50
Raul Mendoza$185.75$88.00$97.75
Tyler Watkins$169.88$129.88$40.00
Matt Warren$169.88$129.88$40.00
Chris Helaney$157.12$60.62$96.50
Mark Thomas$146.75$15.25$131.50
Tom Seever$146.75$15.25$131.50
Todd Haynes$131.50$131.50
Tim Eames$131.50$131.50
Zach Drukenbrod$129.25$88.00$41.25
Rick Bryson$125.88$85.88$40.00
Jason Chadima$111.50$61.50$50.00
Rob Schustrich$109.00$109.00
Chris Okeson$109.00$109.00
Jeff Dean$106.50$106.50
Josh Widner$80.00$80.00
Adam Arman$80.00$80.00
Dave Petracca$62.50$62.50
JP Jones$62.50$62.50
Jim Grasso$56.50$56.50
Brian Vincelette$41.88$41.88
Dave Trier$41.25$41.25
John Ketcham$41.25$41.25
Ryan Lowe$41.25$41.25
Brian Smith$22.00$22.00
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