2016 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 7 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueEveryone’s a winner in Week 7 of the 2016 Chippewa Scratch League!

At least, that’s what the final results felt like.

Four teams out of 12 — one quarter of the field — tied for first place in the front nine scramble format, all reaching 4-under par 31.

Three teams won skins.

Bernie Chupek paired with Rick Bryson this week, and Matt Warren joined Tyler Watkins to take on the role of ‘big winners’ on the evening, as those four players stuck their fingers into both pots.

But with this week’s light attendance due to some conflicting events, it was little pinkie dips into those pots and not big scoops…

2016 Chippewa Scratch League Week 7 – Scramble Front 9

T1st – Sam Spino / Bob Spino (31) $83.75
T1st – Al Freeman / Brian Vincelette (31) $83.75
T1st – Bernie Chupek / Rick Bryson (31) $83.75
T1st – Tyler Watkins / Matt Warren (31) $83.75
Total Teams: 12

Tyler Watkins / Matt Warren (2) #2 – $80.00
Bernie Chupek / Rick Bryson (3) #5 – $80.00
Mike Armour / Chris Helaney (2) #6 – $80.00



Shayne Bishop$452.12$367.12$85.00
Mike Simpson$415.25$283.75$131.50
Ken Koprivec$382.12$297.12$85.00
Jim Krivanek$366.75$235.25$131.50
Bobby Spino$280.38$90.38$190.00
Mike Armour$270.00$180.00$90.00
Allen Freeman$262.00$212.00$50.00
Sam Spino$249.50$164.50$85.00
Dan Marr$238.50$48.50$190.00
Ty Kovach$220.12$170.12$50.00
Dave Oates$207.62$122.62$85.00
Bernie Chupek$205.00$165.00$40.00
Mark Thomas$146.75$15.25$131.50
Tom Seever$146.75$15.25$131.50
Todd Haynes$131.50$131.50
Tim Eames$131.50$131.50
Rob Cunningham$130.00$130.00
Jeff Barbas$130.00$130.00
Jason Chadima$111.50$61.50$50.00
Rob Schustrich$109.00$109.00
Chris Okeson$109.00$109.00
Chris Helaney$100.62$60.62$40.00
Rick Bryson$81.88$41.88$40.00
Tyler Watkins$81.88$41.88$40.00
Matt Warren$81.88$41.88$40.00
Josh Widner$80.00$80.00
Adam Arman$80.00$80.00
Dave Petracca$62.50$62.50
Jeff Dean$62.50$62.50
JP Jones$62.50$62.50
Brian Vincelette$41.88$41.88
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