2013 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 9 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameIt was a sloppy, damp evening at Quail Hollow Country Club on Thursday, and 14 players pretty well split up the evening’s skins and pins pot.

Joey DiDonato birdie the 10th hole right out of the gate to earn the evening’s first skin.

Louis Sliwiak, in his first-ever Cleveland Skins event, double-dipped the pin and skin on the par-3 15th hole.

Mark Foss then made the lone birdie on #17, and Mark Borlin closed the evening with a birdie on the 18th.

Ron Miller nabbed the other pin shot on the par-3 11th.

Each skin was good for $80.50, while the pin shots netted $49.00 each.

Next week, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game visits Legend Lake Country Club on Thursday, June 20th with a 5:00 PM start.


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$645.664$542.662$103.00
Chris Horne$645.533$645.53
Dave Sotka$506.914$410.412$96.50
Brian Perkins$333.702$210.702$123.00
Sam Corabi$279.452$187.451$92.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$207.002$207.00
Dan Predovic$204.251$109.252$95.00
Mike Angie$195.501$103.502$92.00
Mark Foss$164.832$164.83
Phil Bojc$148.201$78.201$70.00
Lonnie Kammer$141.002$141.00
Eddie Neer$132.501$132.50
Louis Sliwiak$129.501$80.501$49.00
Allen Freeman$109.251$109.25
Mark Borlin$80.501$80.50
Joey DiDonato$80.501$80.50
Pat Tyrell$78.201$78.20
John Zook$68.001$68.00
Nick Anagnost$54.001$54.00
Brian Pentek$52.501$52.50
Ron Miller$49.001$49.00
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