2013 Greater Cleveland Skins Game: Week 10 Results

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins GameTwenty players made the trip out to Legend Lakes Country Club in Chardon on a beautiful sunny mid-June Thursday.

And Steve Blackburn Jr. cashed in yet again to keep himself on the top of the 2013 Leaderboard, but another player has made a move to catch him.

Four skins were out on the night, worth $115 each.

Blackburn Jr. made the only birdie on the short par-three sixth hole, even though numerous players hit it closer. Mike Angie grabbed the pin shot on that hole worth $60.

Dave Sotka moved into second position on the 2013 Leaderboard by double-dipping, making a birdie skin on the 165-yard par-three 4th hole and dgetting the Mulligan’s pin shot as well which was worth $80.

Joey DiDonato came close to making a double eagle on the 490-yard par-five fifth hole and made the eagle putt for a skin there.

And Bob Cline got on the Leaderboard with a birdie skin on the difficult 420-yard par-four 8th hole.

Next week Thursday, June 27th, the Greater Cleveland Skins Game will be played for the first time ever at The Fairways at Twin Lakes in Kent, with a great green fee rate of $15 that includes the cart! Consider joining us there and getting on the Leaderboard yourself!


PLAYERTOTALSkinsSkins $PinsPins $
Steve Blackburn Jr$760.665$657.662$103.00
Dave Sotka$701.915$525.413$176.50
Chris Horne$645.533$645.53
Brian Perkins$333.702$210.702$123.00
Sam Corabi$279.452$187.451$92.00
Mike Angie$255.501$103.503$152.00
Steve Blackburn Sr$207.002$207.00
Dan Predovic$204.251$109.252$95.00
Joey DiDonato$195.502$195.50
Mark Foss$164.832$164.83
Phil Bojc$148.201$78.201$70.00
Lonnie Kammer$141.002$141.00
Eddie Neer$132.501$132.50
Louis Sliwiak$129.501$80.501$49.00
Bob Cline$115.001$115.00
Allen Freeman$109.251$109.25
Mark Borlin$80.501$80.50
Pat Tyrell$78.201$78.20
John Zook$68.001$68.00
Nick Anagnost$54.001$54.00
Brian Pentek$52.501$52.50
Ron Miller$49.001$49.00
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