Some Rule Changes Set at Organizational Meeting for 2011 Greater Cleveland Skins Game

Greater Cleveland Skins Game

John NiedzialekThe Greater Cleveland Skins Game’s organizational meeting was held on February 16th at Mulligan’s Pub and Grill. Thanks to everyone for submitting their comments and/or attending. The minutes of that meeting and the decisions from it follow.

Yes, we made some rule changes. A consensus was reached on some controversial issues, and although we cannot please everyone we hope the changes are best for the game. We have have a diverse group of players, so we will see how these changes work out in 2011 and we thank you for remaining flexible.

I will be releasing the 2011 GCSG schedule in a few weeks — and we all look forward to taking the Thompson Cup away from 2010 Champion Eddie Neer!!!

Greater Cleveland Skins GameMinutes of Greater Cleveland Skins Game’s Organizational Meeting, February 16, 2011 at Mulligan’s Pub in Highland Heights:

Scheduling of courses:
Consensus to work with same course but to try to add Erie Shores and to try to get the Devlin Course at Quail Hollow instead of Weiskopf and to look into the availability of Punderson.

Entry Fees:
Weekly entry fee of $30 will remain as last year (greens fees extra).

Mulligan’s Cup:
Discussion was held regarding comments received. Discussions centered on the initial idea of the Mulligan’s Cup in trying to keep player participation going through the end of the year. Sean Kreft, the owner of Mulligan’s was on hand and everyone thanked him for his donation last year.

Consensus was reached to keep last year’s format of awarding players on the Top 10 Point list at the end of the year with bonus funding, but to add a “Mulligan’s Pub and Grill” special pin shot at each event where that pin shot will pay an extra dollar out of the existing skins pot. Also, the player that wins the Mulligan’s Pub and Grill pin shot that evening will get an extra point towards his end of year Mulligan’s Point race.

Players that want to qualify for the Mulligan’s Cup and the bonus pin shot payments and end of year bonus payout will still need to contribute to the “Mulligan’s Cup entry fee,” which is added to the donation from Mulligan’s Pub and Grill. The pin shot designated as the “Mulligan’s Pub and Grill Pin Shot of the Night” will be whatever par 3 that has the lowest handicap rating on the 9 holes that we play that evening.

A discussion was then held on what to do if a player that does not get into the Mulligan’s Cup Point race (i.e. not paying his year-long Mulligan’s entry fee) wins the bonus pin shot that evening. It was decided to then pay out the pin shot that evening at the standard dollar breakdown as used last year, and that nobody would be awarded the extra Mulligan’s Points on the evening if this occurs.

Senior Tee Location:
A lengthy discussion was held and comments sent in were reviewed. Discussions included the irregularity of some courses giving a large advantage on a few holes on upward tee boxes. The group reached a consensus that even though a few holes may give a large advantage, this is a rare occurrence and the fact that many times the next forward tee box is not much different at all and the senior players on most boxes do not get hardly any advantage so an occasional hole with a large advantage equals out those holes where there is little or no advantage.

Therefore, it was decided to amend the rules to the following:

Seniors (now changed to age 55 and older-previously was 50) may hit from the next forward tee box as set by the course. In simplest terms, if the field plays from the blue tees that evening, players 55 and older may hit from the white tees that evening regardless of where they are placed by the course. Exception: All players hit from the same back tee box on par 3’s.

Weekly Responsibilities:
A discussion was held on comments received to help better coordinate enforcing of rules and deciding on tees boxes to use each evening and whether to play summer rules or not. The following was adopted:

A “Greater Cleveland Skins Game” Committee will be used to address such issues at each event including at the Greater Cleveland Shoot-out Tournament. The committee will use as a guide the following to determine how the ball will be played at each event:

If the course allows carts anywhere, summer rules will be used;

If the course says cart paths only or no carts, winter rules (lift, clean, and place) will be put in use.

The Committee will also be responsible in enforcing the rules, welcoming new players and help insure players act appropriately.

Professional Player Rules :
No change was made on the pro rule as pros are not allowed except under certain conditions as provided in our rules. . A complete description of what is a pro according to our game is found in our rules.

Editorial from the Director:
It is noted that many courses give our group reduced rates, treat us well, and we need to thank the courses by making a special effort to act like gentleman on the courses we play and set an example for others to follow. When we leave a course, thank the management and act a step above compared to how a travelling league acts. Remember you guys are the best players in the area so you have a higher level of standard to fulfill and act accordingly. You represent the Greater Cleveland Skins Game-keep up the good work.

The following 3-member Committee was put in place:
John Niedzialek with alternate of Mark Foss
Steve Blackburn Jr. with alternate of Mike Angie
Steve Blackburn Sr. with alternate of Carl Quercioli

Greater Cleveland Shoot-Out Sponsors:
A discussion was held on the need to garner cash sponsors. There were no commitments at this time. Players were asked to work on this issue. A raffle will be held this year again as a fundraiser. It was decided to be a 50-50 cash drawing. Mark White volunteered to print the tickets. $5.00 tickets will be used. A discussion followed on what course to approach for the Labor Day event. It was decided to look into Chardon Lakes again but also to look at some rates that may be given to us by other courses such as Madison Country Club. A long discussion was held on the number of Thursday events a player needs to compete in Greater Cleveland Shoot-Out. Several suggestions were made. A consensus was reached to change the rules that a player needs to compete in six Thursday night events this year to qualify for the Greater Cleveland Shoot-out (it was 5 last year).

Other Rule Decisions:
Discussion was held on how many events a player needs to compete in to play in the “Double Down Events.” It was agreed to keep it the same as last year (2 events for the first Double Down, 4 events for the second Double Down, and 6 events for the last Double Down held on the final night).

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