2010 Chippewa Scratch League: Week 8 Results

Chippewa Monday 2-Man Scratch League

Chippewa Monday Scratch LeagueRepeat after me: Mike Kracker and Dr. Jeff Mallette earned a share of yet another win in the 2010 Chippewa Scratch League.

This time, the duo tied the equally hot team of Chris Okeson and partner Rob Schustrich in the better ball format on the front nine, with a score of 4-under par 31 on a hot holiday Monday.

That makes three wins for Kracker and Mallette after just eight weeks of play this season — and Kracker has a fourth win and an additional skin on the year without Mallette!

The 2010 Chippewa Scratch League Money List has been updated, as League CEO Kevin Larizza has determined the weekly gift certificate amounts for each week of the year. The updated money results shows just how far in front leader Mike Kracker is after just eight weeks, having won a skin and an event without partner Jeff Mallette.

In fact, after just eight weeks, Kracker has cracked the four-figure mark!

Mallette holds down the second spot on the money list, leading by just 50 cents over the teammates of Okeson and Schustrich.

But there is still a lot of golf left…

Week 8, July 5th: Best Ball – Front 9

T1st – Mallette – Kracker 31 $75 PP $150 Gift Certs
T1st – Okeson – Schustrich 31 $75 PP  $150 Gift Certs
3rd – Simpson – Kravanack 32 $50 Gift Certs

Simpson – Kravanack #2 $170
Marr – Willgues #8 $170

Sr. Skins
Cea – Bell $10
Larizza – Davis $10

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