Controversy as CGA Shortens Ironwood to 9 Holes

Championship Golf Association of Northeast OhioPlay was stopped after a significant rainstorm hit the Championship Golf Association’s stroke play event at Ironwood Golf Course on Saturday. After a brief time in the clubhouse, CGA Director Jeff Jenkins called the remainder of the day a washout and decided the event would revert to the nine holes that all players had completed as final.

That decision didn’t sit well with some of the players who were making a charge on the back nine.

Brian Smith of Amherst stated that the event was canceled after just a few minutes into the delay, and that no time was allowed for the rain to stop, the greens to dry and play to resume. Smith pointed to the CGA’s posted rules saying that a delay can remain in effect for up to 60 minutes before a decision is required, but instead the cancellation decision was made inside ten minutes.

Jenkins said in an email that the event was called because the greens had become unplayable, but he noted that “a couple great scores were turned in”.

Norton Brick eagled the ninth hole to get to 1-under par 35 on the day, and in doing so retroactively won the shortened event.

When the back nine was wiped out, Tommy Li won the only skin on the day, as he made the only birdie on the short par-4 third hole.


FINAL RESULTS: 2010 CGA Ironwood Stroke Play Tournament
Ironwood Golf Course, Hinckley – Saturday, June 5th
Event shortened to nine holes due to rain; par 36.

Brick, Norton 35
Miller, Fred 36
Hanley, Bob 37
O’Rourke, Jason 37
Smith, Brian 37
Thomas, Mark 37
Jenkins, Jeff 38
Karic, Zoran 38
Li, Tom 38
Schustrich, Robert 38
Tayler, Greg 38
Angie, Mike 39
Loomis, Rob 39
Okeson, Chris 39
Ciccarello, Mark 40
Tyrrell, Pat 40
Mooney, Bill 41
Sowa, Greg 41
Foss, Mark 42
Breen, Kevin 43
Marshall, Dave 43
Huss, Kyle 44
Palmer, Oliver 45
Schwartz, Will 45
Li, Tom (Hole: 3 Score: 3)
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