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Independent Tournaments

News and results from independent golf tournaments conducted in Northeast Ohio

FINAL RESULTS: 2017 Yankee Run 5-Man Scramble

Zoar 2-M Scramble Postponed by Weather

RESULTS: 2017 Madison Spring 2-M Scramble

FINAL RESULTS: 2017 Zoar 3-Man Step Back Scramble

Yankee Run 5-M Scramble Goes to Double-Shotgun

FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Hacker’s Firestone 9 Turkey Shoot

FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Pine Hills Fall 2-M Extreme Scramble

FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Pine Ridge Fall 3-Ironman

FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Madison Fall 2-M Scramble

FINAL RESULTS: 2016 Zoar Fall 2-Man Scramble