World Handicap System Launches, NOGA is Ready

Now It’s Up to the Clubs to Get Players Activated

The 2020 World Handicap System has launched. The new USGA Rules of Handicapping now apply.

The Northern Ohio Golf Association is ready, too. They have an extensive WHS explanation package on their website outlining all of the changes. Loads of graphics and videos explaining all of the new handicapping rules, operations and uses.

In a nutshell, the most important changes for 2020 are:

Daily Revisions

Handicap Indexes are updated daily instead of every two weeks. Now you can check your number every day on the new GHIN app: IOS | Android

A New Maximum Hole Score

“Net Double Bogey” is now the maximum score allowed for any individual hole when posting a score. That means par + 2 + any handicap strokes you receive. [REAL WORLD EXAMPLE: you blow up and make snowman on a par-4 where you get a shot. The max score you write down now is 7 — the par of 4 + the 2 wasted shots from bad decision-making + 1 for the handicap shot you didn’t take advantage of that puts you 3-down. Press!]

Some New Computation Methods

Your new handicap index will be based on the best 8 of your last 20 scores (instead of 10/20). And the Index number you get now is based on ‘Course Handicap’ — the number of stroke you need deducted from your normal total score to play to par. But that calculation also includes some adjustments for abnormal course conditions, any crazy weather that day, or if suddenly you shoot a score that is 7 strokes better than your handicap in some big tournament.

Don’t have a GHIN index? If you sign up this year, it only takes 54 holes to get a brand new handicap you can use.

WHS Highlights(Click on the graphic above for a larger image to read.)

Lindsay Butler, Manager of GHIN and Tournament Services at NOGA, has been relentless in getting information out to clubs and getting the new system ready for use in our region. Truly, everything is prepped on the NOGA side.

Now it’s up to the Handicap Chairperson(s) at each club to activate their new GHIN system, go through the admin checklist, then work to get their players renewed. Because until the Chairperson does all of that, a golfer will remain inactive in the new GHIN system.


Here at Northeast Ohio Golf, we are ready to start taking renewals or new GHIN memberships through NOGA for the 2020 season:



Important facts of the new WHS

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