Webpoll #6 Results: Senior Division Starting Age

old golfer

At what age do Greater Cleveland golfers think that a players should be eligible to compete in Senior Division events?

Should it be age 50? Or should it be delayed until age 55?

(Okay, so maybe it’s not as old as the guy shown above.)

From the Weekly Winter Webpoll #6, there is deep polarization among those who voted.

Voters who argue for an age 50 Senior start might say that it gets tough to compete with 25-year-old players after hitting the late forties, so it’s a welcome respite to head to the Senior Division when age 50 rolls around.

The ‘make it 55 years old’ voters would likely counter that the demographics of golf keep getting older anyway, so pushing off access to the Senior Division lets those in their late 50s be competitive in the old-man division that much longer.

So how did the voting shake out?

By just four votes out of 90 total, AGE 55 won out as the chosen Senior Division starting age, broken down 52% (47 votes) to 48% (43 votes).

Thanks to everyone who voiced an opinion!

Because of the Cleveland Golf Show this coming weekend, the Weekly Winter Webpoll is taking a break for this week. (Have to spend some time putting a slick-looking booth together to wow all the Greater Cleveland golfers…)

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