There was no consensus answer in the Weekly Winter Webpoll #5 as to how close a ball needs to finish from the hole for Greater Cleveland golfers to give their opponent the putt.

Except for one thing that most players agreed upon: inside 3 feet simply isn’t close enough to earn a ‘pick it up’.

Inside 24 inches, inside 18 inches and inside 12 inches all finished within a vote or two of each other. No clear winner, although inside 12 inches earned the most votes by a nose.

Right along side those acceptable gimme distances were the votes of the hard-core sticklers who wouldn’t give a putt if it meant their mothers could stay out of prison. (See, if you don’t give putts it’s because your mom is a criminal who raised you poorly.)

So there was no “right answer” in the WWW#5. The final results:

You're playing a money match against your buddy. It's late in the round and you're all square. His birdie putt is on its way on a fairly flat green. How close to the hole does his ball need to finish to be a gimme?

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