Tam O'Shanter GCThe portions of Tam O’Shanter Golf Course in Canton that front Fulton Road NW and Everhard Road NW are now legally available to commercial developers after the November 7th referendum.

According to the story from the Canton Repository, Issue 38 making part of Tam O’Shanter’s zoning commercial passed by a 2-1 margin.

Tam O’Shanter’s owners, represented by Chuck Bennell, have been trying to sell the property since 2000. Ideas were floated for a sizable housing development across the entire property under the existing residential zoning. But more recently, a new plan was created: to sell 205 acres of the golf course to Stark Parks in two phases to maintain green space; to donate 20 acres to the township for a sports complex; and to rezone then sell 62 acres of the property that front Fulton and Everhard to commercial developers.

A court case and a ballot initiative ensued, but the plan won approval in both instances.

That plan should not affect the 2018 golf season, however.

Patty Gaston, the Golf Services Manager at Tam O’Shanter, says the course will be celebrating its 90th year in 2018, and they expect to have all 36 holes open for golf.

Bennell explained that the time required to complete any sale — either to a commercial developer or to the Parks — will run into late 2018 to complete, well after the summer golf season.

And since the primary tracts initially under discussion are on the Dales Course, there is a good chance that the Hills Course will likely be open for 2019 after that…

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