The first round of matches for the 2020 Northern Ohio Golf Association’s Season Long Match Play events have been completed. There are individual and 2-player team events in both the Great Lakes Auto Scratch Series and the NOGA Flighted Series. So let’s take a look at the where each of these brackets stand…

Great Lakes Auto NOGA Scratch Series


The Round of 32 has been completed in both Championship and Senior individual scratch matches. Many of the matches were won by the higher seed, but as always a few upsets did raise an eyebrow.

Some of the surprises in the Championship Division include a 2&1 win by #24 Olivia Hochschwender over #9 Quinn Parker; #20 Jason Stiwald winning 3&2 over past NOGA Prez #13 Mark Telerico; and #22 Eddie Neer getting by #11 Jack Garswood 2&1.

On the Senior side, the only true upset was the biggest one possible, against the defending senior match play champion. #29 Paul Lagrotteria upended the reigning champ #4 Jim Durr by a 3&2 margin.

Round of 16 Scratch Individual matches must be completed by July 19th, and some are already done, especially on the Senior side. Brackets here >


This was the last match play event series to get underway, and as such there are no results to report as of yet. But the brackets for Championship and Senior matches are posted here for review. The first round of Scratch Four-Ball matches must be played by July 19th, so watch for a status update for this series at the beginning of August.

NOGA Flighted Series


The Round of 32 Net Individual matches based on qualifying from the Professional HVAC/R Net Stroke Play Flighted Series event at Westfield CC are due to be completed today, but many of the initial match results are in.

Upsets include #29 Jonathan Roebuck beating #4 Mike Butler 3&1; #28 Randy Skeen walloping #5 Kurt Kalina by 5&4; and #22 Richard Adler sneaking past #11 Steve Bedell in 20 holes.

The Round of 16 Net Individual matches must be completed by July 26th.


Likewise, the Round of 32 Net Four-Ball matches based on qualifying from the Ancora Four Ball Flighted Series event at Mayfield CC also close today, but most of the results have been posted.

Upsets include #25 Hird + Moran taking 19 holes to beat #8 Klang + Miller; and #21 Juris + Galloway edging out #12 D’Andrea + Mirelli by a 1-up score.

The Round of 16 Net Four-Ball matches also must be completed by July 26th.

Great Lakes Auto NOGA Player of the Year

2020 NOGA Player of the Year Standings

With his victory at the Northeast Ohio Amateur Championship, Cade Breitenstine leads the 2020 NOGA Player of the Year race with 350 points. Brian Smith stands in second place, with defending POY Chris Okeson currently in the sixth position.

1 Breitenstine, Cade 350
2 Smith, Brian 161.67
3 Mandry, Zach 160
4 Skufca, Tim 141.67
5 Schustrich, Robert 131.67
6 Okeson, Chris 123.75
7 Klaric III, Michael 90
8 Polick, Brian 89.17
9 Garswood, Jack 86
10 Irvine, Bryn 80

On the Senior side, Monty Guest currently leads the POY race on the strength of his victory in the Senior NEO Am. But once the points for his win at the Ohio Senior Am are added in at the next compilation, Tom Laubacher may take over the top spot…

1 Guest, Monty 586.25
2 Laubacher, Tom 448.33
3 Borlin, Mark 393.93
4 Jereb, Tom 360
5 Lambos, Nick 322.75
6 Guadagni, Mark 300.25
7 Clendenin, Howard 290
8 Sparrow, Brian 275.83
9 Knox, Jeffrey 234.5
10 Lahnan, Larry 218

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