UPDATE: 2018 CMG Player of the Year thru Big Met

Cleveland Metroparks Golf

The lead of Matt Paterini has been cut to two points in the Cleveland Metroparks Player of the Year Bonus Pool standings.

Ryan Augustitus earned a T3 at Big Met’s Scramble/Better Ball on Saturday, which earned him enough points to secure second place with 38.

Four-time Player-of-the-Year David Sotka and 2016 POY champ Niko Anagnost are tied for sixth with 29 points.

On the Senior list, Mark Borlin maintained his lead but had it cut to 5 points by Randy Crider, who partnered with Allen Freeman to finish second at Big Met.

The next two events with CMG POY points on the line are both at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in Brecksville: the June 2nd 2-Player Better Ball and the June 16 Senior 2-Player Scramble Classic.


through Big Met 2-Player Scramble/Better Ball

1 Matt Paterini 40
2 Ryan Augustitus 38
3 Matt Roth 36
4 James Weikamp 30
5 Mark Borlin 30
T6 Niko Anagnost 29
T6 David Sotka 29
8 Randy Crider 25
T9 Scott Saari 20
T9 Steve Blackburn Jr. 20
T9 Ryan Stefanski 20
T12 Bill Speirs 18
T12 Allen Freeman 18
T14 Mike Dota 17
T14 Colin Burns 17
T14 Rick Diechert 17
T17 Dave Stover 14
T17 Bently Stover 14
T17 Jack Glending 14
T17 PJ Malik 14
T17 Steve Blackburn Sr. 14
T17 Mark Foss 14
T17 Jeff Deal 14
T24 Andrew Bailey 12
T24 Michael Klaric 12
T24 Dan Predovic 12
T24 Scott Chinnawatt 12
T24 Greg Coben 12
T29 Travis Pollari 10
T29 Paul Krueger 10

1 Mark Borlin 30
2 Randy Crider 25
3 Allen Freeman 18
T4 David Stover 14
T4 Steve Blackburn Sr. 14
T4 Mark Foss 14
7 Scott Saari 12

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