UPDATE: 2015 CMG Player of the Year thru July

Cleveland Metroparks Golf

Cleveland Metroparks GolfThe last few weeks have seen a lot of Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year points up for grabs, with four Course Championships and the Greater Cleveland Senior Amateur Championship.

Who would you guess is in the lead?

Dave Sotka 2014 Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the YearYes, once again it’s David Sotka, who was the Player of the Year the last three seasons.

A tie for second place at the Manakiki Course Championship propelled Sotka into the lead with 112 points.

That puts him 10 points ahead of Allen Freeman, who registered a tie for third place at the Senior Cleveland Amateur Championship and a top ten finish at the Sleepy Hollow Course Championship.

After that, Ryan Stefanski is in third place with 86 points, followed by Nick Anangost and Brian Smith each with 79 points.

The question now is: can anyone stop the Sotka dynasty?


Top 30 players through July:

1 David Sotka 112
2 Allen Freeman 102
3 Ryan Stefanski 86
T4 Nick Anangost 79
T4 Brian Smith 79
6 Scott Heran 69
7 Jack Garswood 57
8 Lou Durban 52
9 A.J. Borisa 51
T10 Steve Blackburn Jr. 50
11 Mike Witmer 48
T12 Anton Krecic 45
T12 John Schnur 45
T12 Chandler Walnsch 45
15 Ray Durban 42
16 Phil Latsko 41
T17 Tim Heavner 40
T17 Jason Jendre 40
19 Ty Kovach 38
T20 Doug Barber 37
T20 Scott Cesen 37
T22 Jim Herchek 36
23 Patrick Schultz 35
24 Joe Lesueur 33
25 Tim Morrow 32
26 Larry Lahnan 30
T27 Tony Briggs 29
T27 Taylor Zoller 29
T27 Chris Okeson 29
30 Matthew Michal 27

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