UPDATE: 2014 Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year Standings

Cleveland Metroparks Golf

Cleveland Metroparks GolfBrian Smith now sits atop the 2014 Cleveland Metroparks Player of the Year race.

Smith and his partner Ryan Stefanski finished second at the Bill Barbour Cup last Saturday at Sleepy Hollow. That, combined with their victory at Big Met the week before, has raced them both up the leaderboard.

Smith with 122 points is now 7 points ahead of second place Jonathan Reimer​ and Stefanski is now 5th with 97 points.

With the Tour Championship at Manakiki this Saturday, it is David Sotka who has the best opportunity to take the crown for a third year in a row.

Neither Brian Smith or Jonathan Reimer are entered in the Tour Championship. With a limited field, if Sotka finishes third or higher he is guaranteed to win. If he finishes fourth or lower, that opens the door for several players including Brian Smith, Jack Garswood and Paul LaGrotteria

1 Brian Smith 122
2 Jonathan Riemer 115
3 David Sotka 114
4 Jack Garswood 105
5 Ryan Stefanski 97
6 Paul LaGrotteria 92
7 Tyler McHugh 87
8 Michael Mintz 86
9 Patrick Luth 77
10 Taylor Zollar 75
11 Scott Saari 72
12 Steve Blackburn Jr. 69
13 Nevada Lemon 63
T14 Robert Schustrich 59
T14 Chris Okeson 59
16 Nick Anangost 56
17 Mark Borlin 54
T18 Paul Woznicki 53
T18 Ryan Prickette 53
20 Howard Clendenin 50
21 Norton Brick 47
T22 Matthew Frey 46
T22 Ray Durban 46
T22 Lou Durban 46
25 Dave Stover 45
26 Jeff Sears 44
27 Scott Heran 43
28 Tony Briggs 41
T29 Paul Prince 40
T29 John Prince 40

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