UPDATE: Cleveland Metroparks Golf Player of the Year

Cleveland Metroparks Golf

Cleveland Metroparks GolfAfter two events, Joe Mannix of Strongsville leads the Cleveland Metroparks Player of the Year race.

Joe’s 4-Player Scramble top ten at Sleepy Hollow combined with his second place finish with partner Dan Gallagher at Manakiki’s 2-Player Scramble gave him 25 points.

Brother’s John and Paul Prince backed up their victory at the Sleepy Hollow event with a top-ten finish at Manakiki to be in second place with 22 points.

The next events to earn points are the 2-Player event at Big Met now rescheduled for May 31st, and then an individual stroke play event at Seneca Golf Course in Broadview Heights on June 7th.

Pts Player
25 Joe Mannix
22 Paul Prince
22 John Prince
20 Ray Durban
20 Lou Durban
20 Scott Saari
20 Paul LaGrotteria
18 Dan Gallagher
16 Jonathan Riemer
16 Jonathan Keppler
10 Chuck Zvosek
10 Hunter Rinkus
10 Andy Marin
10 Neil Beauregard
9 Alan Shaffer
9 Buddy Gerus
9 Craig Conant
9 Kevin Kocka
8 Joe Bojc
8 Phil Bojc
8 Cory Swaisgood
8 Kevin Wammes
8 Rob Roth
8 Chris Juszcak
7 Shane Ash
7 Jeff O’Brien
7 Dave Stover
6 Norton Brick
6 Scott Heran
6 Michael Mintz
6 Larry Schuler
5 Carmen Naso
5 Jim Young
5 Pat D’Angelo
5 Jaime Serrat
4 Jared Drummer
4 Rob Kozlowski
4 John Kalnasy
4 Bob Wypasek
4 John Wypasek
4 Dave Engler
3 Gene Barber
2 Joe Gigliotti
2 Joe Baucco
2 Phil Beitel
2 Lisa Kemenyes
2 Rob Kemenyes
2 Matt Dolciato
1 Eric Ralls
1 Michael Muller
1 Michael Erchick
1 Jason Wilkins

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