Ty Kovach Roars to Impressive Victory in 2010 Chippewa Championship

Ty Kovach 2010 Chippewa Championship 11th
Champion Ty Kovach attempts his birdie putt on the 11th hole at Chippewa Sunday.

Chippewa ChampionshipTy Kovach of Medina played a spectacular round of golf in the most difficult of setups and conditions on Sunday to win the 2010 Chippewa Championship in convincing fashion.

Kovach posted a sterling even par 71 in windy conditions (and with those hole locations!) to win by three shots over perennial champion David Oates of Canton.

Kovach, Oates and Fred Miller of Aurora all turned the front nine at 1-over par 36, and it looked like a shootout would play out on the back nine with Oates one shot in front heading into the 10th hole. First-round leader Kenny Koprivec struggled on the front side and wasn’t a factor after that.

Kovach birdied the par-5 10th to pull into a tie with Oates. All three players made par on 11.

Dave Oates 2010 Chippewa Championship
Dave Oates chips to the 11th green at the 2010 Chippewa Championship

But then the big swing of the tournament took place on the long par-3 12th. Playing 183-yards with the wind howling from the left and the pin tucked into the tiny corner that runs off the right side of the green, Kovach struck a six-iron to eight feet pin-high left of the hole, while Miller and Oates both pulled their shots left of the green to face the run-away chip shot. A couple of tough chips and putts later, and both Miller and Oates made bogey. But Kovach converted the 8-footer for birdie, taking advantage of a huge two shot swing — and a lead that he would never relinquish.

Pars for all three players on the 13th, and it was on to the Chippewa Triangle, where the tournament is always decided.

Oates bogeyed the start of the Triangle at 14, but recovered with two good pars after that.

Miller struggled mightily in the Triangle, in essence shooting himself out of the event with a triple-bogey on 15 and a double-bogey on 16.

But Kovach solidified his lead position with three straight pars in the Triangle, an impressive display of precision and control.

Oates made the finish interesting on the par-3 17th, as he stuck his tee shot to six feet, just on the back right fringe. Kovach was about 20 feet below the hole and made a solid two-putt. But Oates missed the birdie effort, leaving a three shot lead for Kovach going into the stretched-out 18th hole.

Kovach played a solid final hole making a routine bogey-5 on the monster down-hill-and-into-the-wind 543-yard par-4. A solid drive, a three iron short of the green, a simple chip below the hole and two putts, and the Championship was his.

Randy Skorman posted a solid 73 in his second round — which included birdies at 15 and 16 in the Triangle — to make his way into a solo third place finish. Tommy Li finished alone in fourth place, while Dean Cutlip and Jim Cea tied for fifth. 107 players completed the two rounds of play.

Seven Big Skins were won on the tournament worth $671 each:

Dave Oates Birdie #5
John Kabasky Birdie #18

Doug Fleming Birdie #4
Jim Calabria Birdie #5
Chris Trudell Eagle #7
Howard Weaver Birdie #14
Randy Skorman Birdie #15

Senior Skins were worth $48 ea:

Breen, Kevin #1  Score:  3
Richards, Bill #2  Score:  2
Smith, Rick #3  Score:  3
Brooker, Jerry #9  Score:  3
Beck, Bob #11  Score:  3
Stiller, Tom #16  Score:  3

Richards, Bill #1  Score:  3
Brooker, Jerry #4  Score:  3
Stack, Tom #6  Score:  2
Schultz, Carl #8  Score:  3
Chapple, Dave #9  Score:  3
Skorman, Randy #10  Score:  4
Weaver, Howard #14  Score:  3
Skorman, Randy #15  Score:  3
Smith, Rick #18  Score:  4

As always, a special thank you to Kevin Larizza for the fantastic event, great food, prizes and all the “extras.” And a big thank you to Dave Chapple for the scoreboard and all the outstanding chef work!

2010 Chippewa Championship Crowd
Another big 'cart crowd' was on hand to watch the contenders play the Triangle at Chippewa

FINAL RESULTS: 2010 Chippewa Championship
Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio – Par 71
Saturday and Sunday, August 21 – 22, 2010

Kovach, Ty7571146
Oates, Dave7475149
Skorman, Randy7873151
Li, Tom7776153
Cea, Jim7678154
Cutlip, Dean7876154
Okeson, Chris7877155
Carney, Chris7779156
Beal, Ross7779156
Koprivec, Kenny7384157
Miller, Fred7582157
Furlong, John7780157
McBride, Tom7978157
Davis, Tim7880158
Thomas, Mark7979158
Simpson, Mike7979158
Berkheimer, Dennis8078158
Cutlip, Dave7881159
Bryson, Rick7980159
Freeman, Al7783160
Stack, Tom8080160
Heran, Scott8179160
Trier, Dave7883161
Brooker, Jerry8082162
Cebula, Tim7885163
Bell, Ron7984163
Kohler, Chris8578163
Kabasky, John7985164
Huntley, Brian8084164
Penrose, Jason8282164
Schonover, Troy8381164
Kracker, Mike7986165
Armour, Mike8085165
Stiller, Mike8184165
Hose, Mike8283165
Hedrick, Joe8382165
Barnett, Chris8481165
Merrow, Rick8086166
Spino, Sam8086166
Coleman, Eric8086166
Loomis, Rob8383166
Wenger, Jeff8482166
Stonkus, Jim8482166
Marr, Dan8482166
Jenkins, Jeff8384167
Krenzer, Jim8483167
Agarenzo, Mike8187168
Yacovazzi, Anthony8187168
Lynch, Michael8385168
Fleming, Doug8386169
Larizza, Kevin8584169
Sargent, Nathan7892170
Hamilton, Mike8387170
Duda, Derek8486170
Weaver, Howard8585170
Markham, Tom8684170
Bartko, Paul8783170
Richards, Bill8388171
Thompson, Drew8685171
Feist, Steve8982171
Lewis, Allen9081171
Thompson, Tom8785172
Barder, Doug8588173
Stiller, Tom8786173
Schultz, Carl8885173
Tayler, Greg8292174
Schlue, Dan7996175
Slates, Chris8491175
Plute, Chris8689175
Finley, Jim9283175
Wilgues, Kurt8690176
Beck, Bob8690176
Marshall, Dave8888176
Rybka, Russ8592177
Morgan, Josh8791178
Cox, Tim9088178
Grosso, Jim9286178
Stewart, Brad9089179
Smith, Ty9188179
Culver, Kevin8596181
Barbas, Jeff8695181
Woodrum, Dave9091181
Hazel, Tim9091181
Trudell, Chris9587182
Smith, Rick8598183
Cornelius, Bob8796183
Wilson, Josh8994183
Wilson, Steve9093183
Stormer, Jeff9291183
Rosetti, Rick9588183
Feeney, Pat83101184
Maxwell, Ryan9491185
Chapple, Dave9887185
Worlow, Don9097187
Schwindeman, Matt9493187
Calabria, Jim9790187
Larabe, Johnathan9395188
Hodge, Bill9397190
Laubscher, Rocky9496190
Tarter, Jim87105192
Goist, Scott88106194
Griffith, Cliff95102197
Diekman, Todd10592197
McDonald, Gary10499203
Coates, Bill96111207
Breen, Kevin97112209
Casady, John114111225


Ty Kovach accepts the trophy for the 2010 Chippewa Championship from Kevin Larizza
Kevin Larizza tees off
Host Kevin Larizza tees off in the second round of the 2010 Chippewa Championship

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    August 23, 2010

    Congratulations, Ty. The only guy ever to win the Chippewa Championship AND strike out Jose Canseco.

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