Trier Overcomes Black Cat and 15th to Win 2014 Chippewa Championship

Dave Trier 2014 Chippewa Championship
David Trier (right) and his Dad share in the victory at the 2014 Chippewa Championship on Sunday.
David Trier (right) and his Dad share in the victory at the 2014 Chippewa Championship on Sunday.

Chippewa ChampionshipAfter nine holes on Sunday, David Trier of Stow was fully in command of his game, and fully in command of the 2014 Chippewa Championship.

His front nine score of 2-under par 34 had stretched his lead to a whopping six shots.

He hadn’t missed a shot all day. He was calm and composed. He looked like a walk-away champion.

But then the Black Cat stuff started.

Trier had blown a lead many years ago in this same event when he made a big number at the treacherous 15th hole. Afterwards, his Dad said he was David’s ‘black cat’ for showing up to watch right before the blowup. Even though David has won a number of different events since that time, the nickname (and its derivative, ‘Kitten’) has stuck.

So when David went to hit his birdie putt on the 11th and the ball moved after he addressed it, he took it in stride (and wouldn’t take the suggestion of his playing partners who didn’t see it move). But after replacing it and taking the penalty, he missed the par putt. Bad luck.

Then on the 12th he struggled to a double after hitting his tee shot left.

On the 14th, he made a three-putt bogey.

Suddenly the comfortable lead was down to two shots and he was facing his old nemesis, the dastardly 15th.

A drop-kick pulled tee shot to the left rough made for a tough second shot that hit the green but bounded over the back. A flippy wedge onto the green left 18 feet straight down the hill. An aggressive first putt went further past the hole than where he started. Double bogey. Demons.

Meanwhile, Allen Freeman had pretty much just hung around all day. A bunch of pars surrounded a couple of bogeys and birdies. But suddenly, after all of Trier’s back-nine mojo-mashers, the two were tied. On to 16.

David summoned a great second shot out of the right rough to 4-feet below the hole, a perfect iron that left him with a putt straight up the hill. Freeman answered from the fairway with a gap wedge to 9-feet above. Both players made their birdies. Over to 17.

Allen Freeman hits his tee shot to the 17th green on Sunday at Chippewa.
Allen Freeman hits his tee shot to the 17th green on Sunday at Chippewa.

Freeman hit the green but was 35-feet short-left of the hole. Trier went pin-high left but on the fringe. Freeman rolled his birdie effort to two feet and marked. Then Trier hit his first putt from 30-feet and it went past the hole and rolled out to four-feet. But he center-cut the comeback putt.

That’s when Freeman black-catted himself, talking himself out of the tap-in then missing the four-foot comebacker, too.

Trier and Freeman both made bogey at the stretched-out last, as Trier used his two shot lead to play it smart all the way in. So after dozens of attempts, Trier overcame some bad breaks and mistakes on the back nine to earn his first win in the Chippewa Championship. And earned it was.

Trier finished at 145 for the tournament, three over par.

Mike Simpson tied Freeman for second place, posting a solid 72 on Sunday to finish at 147.

Jon Clark
Jon Clark holes his par at 16.

Malone College grad Jon Clark (right) finished solo fourth one shot behind that at 148, and recent Summit County and Cleveland Am champ Howard Clendenin grabbed fifth place by posting a second round 72 to finish at 149.

It was a lot of fun.

Special thanks as always to tournament host Kevin Larizza, who with his staff once again ran a fantastic event. The golf course was set up exactly as Kevin said it would be: tough but fair. Play moved along well, a worthy champion was crowned, and Bernie’s pork expertly prepared by legend Dave Chapple was a perfect end to the summer tournament season.

kevin larizza(And Kevin, good job on showing that wedge who’s boss, too.)

Sunday Photo Gallery here. Complete scores and skins results below…


Chippewa Championship
2014 Chippewa Championship

Chippewa Golf Club, Doylestown, Ohio
August 23 – 24, 2014 | Par 71


Dave Trier6976145$400
Al Freeman7374147$275
Mike Simpson7572147$275
Jon Clark7375148$200
Howard Clendenin7772149$150
Jim Krivanek7476150$100
Rob Schustrich7476150$100
Blake Foutty7575150$100
Ty Kovach7675151 
Chris Okeson7775152 
Anthony Yacovazzi7775152 
Randy Skorman7380153 
Jason Chadima7578153 
Mark Thomas7776153 
Aaron Crewse7479153 
John Kabasky7579154 
Patrick Shultz7777154 
John Topika7579154 
Tommy Li7777154 
Mark Schneider7481155 
Rick Bryson7779156 
Doug Flemming7978157 
Bob Berkheimer8176157 
Joe Flossie8176157 
Timmy Davis7979158 
Dan Marr8573158 
Brandon Shannon7980159 
Drew Thompson8079159 
Chuck DeRemer7981160 
Mark Hunnicut8476160 
Brandon Bell7486160 
Ryan Maxwell7981160 
Kenny Koprivec7685161 
Shane Bishop8180161 
Dave Snell8279161 
Rob Loomis8181162 
Joe McKenzie8874162 
Steve Feist8479163 
Kevin Sloan7489163 
Mike Armour8182163 
Jim Niskanen8083163 
Raul Mendoza7886164 
Adam Lengyel8282164 
Todd Rohde8183164 
Bernie Chupek8680166 
Rick Smith8779166 
Mark Hach8881169 
Ray McNiece8485169 
Eric Vought8684170 
Ken Troutman8585170 
Chris Helaney8783170 
Justin Rosso8486170 
Kevin Krotky9181172 
Justin McGrath9678174 
Steve Kimson8886174 
Chris Slates8886174 
Kevin Breen8591176 
Steve Wilson8989178 
Justin Huth8694180 
Kevin Larizza8992181 
Ander Farr9191182 
Tom Markham9587182 
Mike Hose8896184 
Rich Martin9391184 
Kurt Wilgues9689185 
Jeff Gainer9194185 
Bob Cornelius9492186 
Bryan Roth100106206 
George Ferguson107104211 
Jeff Wenger90DNFDNF 
Russel Rybka81NCNC 
Mark Rohde85NCNC 
Dennis Berkheimer87NCNC 


$50 BIG SKINS: Trier-Larizza2014ChippyChamp
John Topeka #2 Sun (2)- $254
Bob Berkheimer #3 Sun (3)- $254
Tommy Li #5 Sun (3)- $254
Chris Helaney #12 Sun (2)- $254
Shane Bishop #14 Sun (3)- $254
Justin McGrath #15 Sun (3)- $254

Dave Trier #7 Sat (2)- $254
Mike Simpson #10 Sat (3)- $254
Dave Trier #11 Sat (3)- $254
Dave Trier #12 Sat (2)- $254
Randy Skorman #16 Sat (3)- $254
Ty Kovach #15 Sat (3)- $254

Bob Berkheimer #3 (3)- $315
Tommy Li #5 (3)- $315
Mike Simpson #10 (3)- $315
Dave Trier #7 (2)- $315


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