Our goal to continue reaching new visitors at Northeast Ohio Golf in 2017 is well on its way.

Comparing traffic from January 1st through July 31st 2017 vs. the same date range in 2016, all of the key analytics are up:

Users are up 33.5% (47K in 2017 vs. 35K in 2016).

Sessions are up 24.8% (116K vs. 93K combined new and prior users).

Page Views are up 18.3% (313K vs. 265K).

At this current pace, 80,000+ Users will read 537,000+ pages on Northeast Ohio Golf in 2017 before year’s end. (For comparison, 2016 netted 65K unique visitors reading just over 508K pages.)

Heading into our 10th anniversary year in 2018, that’s what’s know as ‘trending up’…


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