Thanks for a Great 2011 Tournament Season

Northeast Ohio Golf

Allen FreemanWith the start of November, it’s time to call it a season and wind down on 2011.

To the tournament players of Northeast Ohio, to the ‘executive directors’ of the golf events run throughout the area, and to the readers of this website who don’t play at a competitive level but simply want to keep up with tournament golf in Greater Cleveland — thanks once again for sharing another great golf season right here on

In what I consider God’s unfounded benevolence towards me, I’m lucky to be off to Florida to get out of winter’s cold with my lovely girls. But in the coming weeks, you’ll see a recap story punctuating the highlights of the 2011 golf season, plus the occasional article / note / opinion piece about golf in the region — and worldwide, too, if something unique and really interesting pops up. (And if you want to submit an article relevant to golf in Northeast Ohio for publication, send it on over — I’ll certainly consider it!)

So check back every couple of weeks to get your fix while the snow is flying. We’ll get you through the off-season until Spring 2012…

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    November 16, 2011

    Thanks Al for the hard work you do to keep us up to date with Northeast Ohio Golf ! Have fun in Florida with your beautiful girls !

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