The results of our April Turkeyfoot tournament format poll are in, and the preference is clear.

After wondering if the first event of the 2019 Tournament Series should be one of our standard Stroke Play $40/$20 formats, a straight $50 Big Skins Game, or a $20 Modified Stableford with $40 Big Skins Game, we put the question out to players through a poll.

The overwhelming choice: Stableford + Skins.

So we’ve edited the posted format of this Saturday, April 13th event to a $20 Modified Stableford with positive points only (1pt par, 3pts birdie, 5pts eagle), held in conjunction with a slightly meatier $40 Big Skins Game pot. (The option still exists to play skins only, too.)

This revised format will allow players to attack The Foot without have to worry about the stray shots that always seem to pop up so early in the season…

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