Scott Holmes Replies to Northeast Ohio Golf

In response to the stories posted yesterday related to The Medalist Tour court case and the Coshocton Hospital Pro-Am, professional golfer Scott Holmes of Blacklick sent the following emails to Northeast Ohio Golf today:

—–Original Message—–
From: Scott Holmes
To: Northeast Ohio Golf
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 3:49 PM
Subject: Northeast Ohio Golf articles

Mr. Freeman,

I wanted to take a few minutes and send you an email in regards to the articles and some of the comments that were posted.

First I would like to say that I did not cheat at Coshocton nor did any of the players in my group. As for players stating that I am unable to post such a number, that’s their opinion and I know the truth, I have spent the last two years of my life practicing and working on my golf game so I can compete at the highest of levels.

I spoke today in great depth with Mr. Davis and left messages with those at Coshocton Hospital that I felt needed to know. The people at Coshocton Hospital worked very hard to put on this event and I have known some of them for almost three years now. Last year I played in their pro-am and played with several people from their hospital and they can attest to my ability, as I finished second there last year. They are doing this as a fundraiser for their hospital as a way to generate money to purchase medical equipment, and I have a great deal of respect for all of the staff that works so hard throughout the year to put on this event.

I know those who most likely stated what they stated, and to me that’s fine, they are entitled to their opinion. As for the gentleman I played with, that is the format of the tournament: it’s a scramble. As for Mr. Whittaker, I have know him for a while, he is a stand-up gentleman and does not deserve to have his name in the middle of this, as he was an amateur playing with the other two amateurs. In fact, they chipped in on the par 5 18th hole to get to 17-under; had it not been for that shot, they wouldn’t have even been a factor. I am in no way trying to argue or cause issues, just stating the facts Mr. Freeman: they tied for first fair and square. No one in our group cheated, and that is what I told Mr. Davis on the phone this morning.

As for the hearing in Canton, it is over and done with in my opinion. I give Mr. Hastings credit for starting what he did, and it’s a shame it came to this. I am not going to discuss details of this incident as it is now a matter of public record; the judge ruled in my favor and had he not I would still feel the same way. There is no point in beating a dead horse with a stick. In my opinion, it’s time that all parties move on and that we all learn from this experience.

With that said, I am a bit upset that this has gotten to the level that it has, and gone on as long as it has. Mr. Hastings and the board at the Medalist Tour can say what they want in regards to this; that’s their right, as can I. But bad-mouthing one another is counter-productive and gets no one anywhere. I tried everything in my power to cooperate with them during this process, and unfortunately it came down to what it did. I am not happy with the way this ended nor do I have any hard feelings towards anyone. I wish them all much success with there future endeavors.

This almost seems likes it’s turning into a political race with mud throwing and accusations being thrown around. You look at Coshocton, for instance: they wanted me disqualified because they felt I could not post those kinds of numbers, but those claiming this have no idea what truly happened, they just knew about the pending court hearing.

As for me not being there to accept acknowledgment, I was taking care of one of the guys I played with; he ate something after that did not agree with him, and we were all a bit concerned for his well-being, nothing more nothing less. I even told a fellow competitor about him not feeling well, so people there did know what was going on.

I wanted to send you an email as I had no way to contact you outside of this, not knowing your cell phone number. I was only able to obtain this email address from your website. I would ask that if you put any of this in print you not take it out of context and that my contact info be kept off the write up.

I know this is a touchy subject and I am trying to handle this as professionally as possible. I appreciate your time and wish you the best.

– Scott Holmes


—–Reply Message—–
From: Allen Freeman
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 4:26 PM
To: Scott Holmes
Subject: RE: Northeast Ohio Golf articles

Hi Scott —

Thank you for your email.

I also had no way to contact you directly, as only your mailing address was listed on the court filing and nothing but golf scores came up when I searched your name in Google. As I stated in yesterday’s posted article about the hearing, I did want to get your side of the story, as these are significant accusations made by several different parties.

A number of persons in attendance at yesterday’s hearing recounted and confirmed the details of what was said for that story, but if any of the facts stated in the story are in question from your perspective, I would be willing to clarify. Simply email me again if you wish to address any of the facts of the story.

I will post your email to the Northeast Ohio Golf website in its entirety as a separate article today, along with my reply here.

If you wish to add anything further on this subject at a later date, feel free to call or email me again.

Allen Freeman
Northeast Ohio Golf


—–Reply Message—–
From: Scott Holmes
Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2010 4:47 PM
To: Allen Freeman
Subject: Re: Northeast Ohio Golf articles

Yes, these are strong accusation which is why I sent you my statement. As for the hearing, it’s over and done with.

Why Mr. Whittaker was not there, I don’t know; I haven’t spoken with him in sometime now, since Coshocton. I know he has been busy with his job, as he works a lot. I wish he was there to put some clarity on this from his point, but I can tell you I was there during his original conversation and what I stated in court is what was said. But without him there for his part, it is what it is. Brent is a good guy and has nothing to gain in lying for me in any way; he would have gained nothing from lying for me in this scorecard court issue.

As I said, it’s over in my opinion. I’m just upset that as a result of this court issue I’m now labeled as a cheater when that’s not the case. People are to quick to jump to accusations such as Coshocton.

As I’m sure you have found in your career, the reason I waited until today to release anything was to not say anything I will regret, or to say anything that may be mis-interpreted.

I thank you for your time again. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know; if I feel like they are answer-worthy I will most certainly answer them. Please know I not trying to avoid the situation, but it’s over now and no point in going back. But if you have questions about Coshocton please feel free to contact me.

– Scott



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    August 26, 2010

    Vaughn … don’t talk like an arrogant idiot.

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    August 26, 2010

    Masso….since you don’t think anyone can shoot -15 ill give you the game of a lifetime…ill put a team together with no status on any major tour and bet 20k that we shoot -15 or better from the tips….now its either time for you to put some money up or shut your mouth….what’s it gonna be gramps?

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    August 24, 2010

    Masso, you made one mistake in your post, you’ve been making all along. I hope you will think about this, I am not trying to be little you or anyone else. You stated “You can hit 3 good shots all day and still feel competitive if they were significant shots.” There are scrambles where that is true. When you play in a cash scramble where there top players from 3 states show up thats not true. You can play your best round of the year and it wont be good enough. The teams your trying to beat have at least one guy that carriers it 300+ and hit it down the middle surrounded by 3 people that are + 2 – +4 handicaps. I played 2 weeks ago in a scramble where a guy who was ranked top 10 in the world in long drive was in the field. He drove a 340 yard par 4 with a 3 wood. I hit it pretty good on that hole, I was 60 yards from the green with a Driver. Over 18 holes overwelming talent will win a large percentage of the time and at times shoot some very low scores. I will agree it was not easy at Windmill. That is as hard of scramble course as you can pick in this area. Those 4 guys all played good and they took Windmill apart.

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    August 23, 2010

    Hey Dave… I have to remember most of the ‘Pampers’ crowd that write in to this site grew up on video golf. -18 is not a given on any course, especially Windmill Snakes, for anyone in the world. I would bet thousands that the four aforementioned golfers would not break -15 on any given day. You still have to strike the ball and make the putts. And not everyone has their ‘A’ game with them everyday. It’s obvious this guy Scott Holmes is a cheater, as there is a witness to his playing. A judge will overrule the magistrate, and a prosecutor will seek charges against him. He will go down on this one. Watch and see! As far as Steve goes, give him a lot of attention. He needs it. I don’t care what is written about me, because I write from the heart and I write the truth. I love the game of golf, have been playing actively since 1965, and only want to see the game grow and prosper. What I write about are real issues in today’s game. Watch the scramble game expand once video is installed on each hole, or scorers are used to guarantee accurate scoring and payouts. Everybody loves scramble, because there’s no pressure, and it’s team golf. You can hit 3 good shots all day and still feel competitive if they were significant shots. Have a great fall season and enjoy the game for what it is… a game. Your job and your family come first, then your hobbies. God Bless.

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    August 23, 2010

    P.S. As for the magistrate citing the practices or procedures of the PGA Tour–what has that got to do with ANYTHING??? This sounds more like a case of theft by fraud and misrepresentation, not some stupid after-the-fact rules decision. I’m not a lawyer, Mike–but it sure sounds like this ruling could EASILY be dismissed on appeal, hint hint.

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    August 23, 2010

    I agree with David Trier, that as high-minded as Mr. Holmes has attempted to sound in his emails to Mr. Freeman, the fact that he sought to double-dip and collect money from Mr. Hastings and The Medalist Tour that he had already been paid speaks volumes to his overall veracity and integrity, in my humble opinion, and I’m surprised and disappointed that the magistrate didn’t call him on it in his ruling: Judge to Mr. Holmes–“It appears you are stating in your claim that Mr. Hastings still owes you for “skin money” he already paid you–is that correct? Wouldn’t you say that sounds like you’re attempting to cheat Mr. Hastings and the Tour? If you are, in fact, attempting to cheat someone for money in my courtroom, Mr. Holmes–and in light of the allegations against you, why would I be inclined to believe you wouldn’t also do so on the golf course?” Note to Mike Hastings–pursue the appeal, please. Honest mistakes are one thing–blatant “on the record” attempts to cheat are entirely different. I don’t know any of the individuals involved in this case personally, but I’m particularly impressed and thankful to hear of players like Mr. Beneke, willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help protect the integrity of the game. Any amateur player willing to drive all the way from Indiana to Canton, OH to literally “take the stand” to help get rid of the bad apples has my utmost respect.

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    August 22, 2010

    Please dont give Masso any attention. Let him post his comments and ignore them, it is better for all of us.

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    August 21, 2010

    I have one question for Scott Holmes, why does the settlement amount of your lawsuit include the skin money you won when the article states you were paid the skin money on the day of the tournament at the course?

    Masso Winkler if you seriously think Els, Stricker, Furyk, and Mickelson over under would of been 14 under? Those 4 guys played good they would shoot 22 or 23 under on that course that day. I can testify to one thing, that team that shot -18 did so. I do agree that scrambles for cash must have score keepers or groups playing together to verify scores. My team played with the 18 under team at windmill. They shot 18 under.

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    August 21, 2010

    Isn’t it amazing, how events and life always seem to come full circle? We were having a lovely and lively time of it after Windmill Lakes last fall, when I strongly suggested that scorekeepers were needed to insure the integrity of the game. If Els, Stricker, Furyk, and Mickelson teed off as a team on that lovely fall day (the current Fed Ex point leaders) the betting line, over/under, on them would have been about -14. How suspicious the one ball rule was thrown out on the way to the first tee, how a team with a touring pro from out of state (Indiana) wins by 3, and some guy who was never closer than 100 yards says they did it with ease! 4 man scrambles with no verification are a cheaters paradise. I have been part of teams where the lead player, moves the ball, takes an extra putt, pencil pushes, or doesn’t play by the rules of golf. Illegal clubs, golf balls, groove attachments, illegal grooves, and on and on are all part of the game. Baseball, football, basketball, are all played to win, and so is golf. If there is pressure to win, there will be cheaters. One of the greatest pitchers of all time is charged with lying to Congress about cheating. Why is it such an impossibility in golf at the local level? Get in the real world, people cheat all the time; taxes, expense accounts, on their spouses, their diets, sports, card games, on applications, etc. To even think that cheating isn’t rampant in unsupervised scrambles is as stupid as leaving your car unlocked, your wallet on the front seat, and the keys in the ignition at Wade Park and East 79th… forget about it! Good luck playing in unsupervised events, because the chances of a fair and respectable outcome are somewhere between slim and none… and Slim left town! Incidentally, though scrambles are loads of fun, I’m enjoying my golfing moments playing friends for $5 and $10 Nassau’s with 2 down autos, 1 down last hole, and having a gas win or lose. The ultimate insult last fall was the pro taking $20/man too much from me, and not saying a word. $80 too much for the team! And he knew exactly what he was doing. To get cheated on and off the course, and by a PGA pro, is disgusting. I will never play Windmill Lakes again, and certainly wouldn’t drive across the street to play a scramble that is not using scorekeepers. End of message, gentlemen.

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    August 20, 2010

    Ok so I don’t know the whole story or anyone involved in this situation but it seems to me this is becoming high school drama!! It’s like a he said she said battle if you all feel so strongly in regards to this why stoop to there levels of name calling your just making yourselves look bad. I follow northeast Ohio golf scores in jealousy of the good players as I struggle to break 90 myself but but these people as far as I know aren’t from around here. And probably won’t be back anytime soon, so why curse at them. It just makes us up here look bad and as we in the northern Ohio area know were better than that. Let them think they special and as far as him being “the bigger person” let’s show them were bigger people by just ignoring them not adding fuel to the fire. Allen is doing his part to inform people of the happenings in the golf community and shows his support for the medalist tour each week as a regular participant and writer for mike so let’s support mike and this tour and just be adults and let them have there so called moral victory. We all know who the real players are Eric frischette, tim ailes ,Vaughn snyder, Joe frustachi, steve lee, bob sowards an all those who bring pride to the medalist tour. If they or he has to sue to win then they probably can’t play the game or maybe they can who knows who cares. Let’s focus on positive things and not give them the satisfaction of knowing there winning by having all of us stoop to there levels. Thanks Allen for the info.
    Justin A.

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    August 19, 2010

    Hey Al great job on keeping all the stories updated on the site…..this article in particular makes me laugh, for the simple reason that the “professional” who lied to everybody in court under oath is now trying to play the “be the bigger man” routine, perhaps an attempt to help justify his fucked up moral compass with himself. My statement is not an opinion, its a fact, i know this because i physically witnessed it…its one thing to cheat and lie for something petty and get away with it, but to lie under oath,(“So Help Me God”)…..good luck

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    August 19, 2010

    Anybody lucky enough to play golf with Whitaker knows he’s a poor sport and his game sucks. He’d be good at cheating because it wouldn’t take much to stroke a pencil. Unfortunately the Medalist Tour was an easy target for some of these clowns and not only did they think they hit it big by cheating a few hundred dollars out of it…but now we know who they are and will be more the wiser to their bull. Thanks Al for a good post. Good luck at Chippewa.

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