SCAGA Director Mike Marino Answers Player “Bellyaching” on Association Website

Stark County Amateur Golf AssociationStark County Amateur Golf Association Director Mike Marino posted a four-point response to Bobby Harmon’s comments made recently asking about skins results from their May 27th Spring Classic.

A posting copied from dated June 1:

Hello all! I want to make a couple of comments in regards to the last tournament.

1. Although I feel most of you made efforts to keep the pace of play moving there were several groups who were several holes behind. it is important you keep the pace of the group in front of you. we will penalize groups for slow play in the amatuer as there will be rangers on the course monitoring your play.

2. from this point forward (unless i state otherwise) you will be required to pay scaga all greens fees, skins and entry fees to us at the time of the tournament…no IOUS! no credit cards! and preferably no checks! right now scaga is out 250 bux because someones credit card was declined and we had a check bounce. we collect all of this up front to make this simple and easy on everyone.

3. I have heard some bellyaching in regards to the payouts..i assure you every dollar taken in is paid out…sponsorship money is next to impossible to raise these days and unless you want to help raise some money with some sponsors i suggest you keep your opinions to yourself.. i will be happy to share the books with anyone…its hard to have high payouts with a low entry fee and 45 people signing up.

4. The SCAGA board members have jobs, families and other responsibilities during the week…if you have emails or questions, it is possible they may not get answered right away so dont have an anxiety attack if we do not respond until the weekend. Most of you have no idea how much time we dedicate to this organization. so your patience on service issues is appreciated.

– Mike Marino

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