Rounds Played in NEOH Dropped Almost 6% in 2017

Golf green. Hole. Ball. Pick it up; that's good.

Down 5.9% for the year.

That’s the latest figure from Golf Datatech on the decrease in the percentage of rounds played in Northeast Ohio in 2017.

Nationally, rounds dropped 2.7%. Rounds at public courses dipped 3.6% in 2017 nationwide, while private courses were up fractionally at 0.8%.

Cleveland’s year-over-year drop closely matched the drop for the state of Ohio, down 5.8% for 2017.

The East North Central region, which includes Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, was down 5.3% for 2017. It was the second-largest drop for any region in the country.

Was the decline weather related? Perhaps. 2017 rainfall totalled 43.20 inches; the average is 39 inches. There were a number of Saturday and Sunday rain-outs during the heart of the summer, too.

But is blaming the weather shifting the blame? Let’s see what happens in 2018…

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