The 2019 season is starting to like a pretty good one for the golf business in Greater Cleveland, at least with the number of rounds played.

For the fifth time in six months, the number of golf rounds played were up. This time, September 2019 went up an eyebrow-raising 12.6% vs the number of rounds played in September 2018 for Greater Cleveland.

Year-to-date, the numbers are still positive against last year’s totals, up 2.3% according to the latest report from Golf Datatech.

Obviously, the phenomenal September weather throughout Greater Cleveland aided the cause.

For all of Ohio, play figures are up a healthy +5.1% YTD 2019 vs 2018, after bouncing up +17.3% in September. (The cause: Cincinnati Sept rounds played went through the roof).

Regionally, Ohio is in “East North Central”. For that region, rounds played spiked up +6.3%, and are up +2.3% for the year.

Nationwide, overall rounds played were up +0.6% for the year, with the rainy weather in the South Central and Mountain regions pulling down the rest of the USA.

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