RESULTS: 2019 NOPGA Smuckers Foundation Pro-Am

Northern Ohio PGA

It is common knowledge that since 1938 professional golf has donated more money to charity than any other sport and the Professional Golfers Association Northern Ohio Section (Northern Ohio PGA) is doing its part.

The Northern Ohio PGA Tournament and Foundation Committee held its second annual Smucker’s Pro-3Am event on June 26 on the North Course at Firestone Country Club.

Presented by First National Bank and Minute Men HR, the event will benefit Clearview HOPE, the Ohio Girls Golf Foundation and the Northern Ohio Golf Association’s, The Turn.

The Northern Ohio PGA Section Foundation was created to administer the charitable and philanthropic endeavors on behalf of the professionals in the Northern Ohio PGA Section. The Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) entity and all donations are tax deductible.

2019 Smuckers Foundation Pro-Am

Presented by: Minute Men, First National Bank
Firestone Country Club – North Course
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

1 Tyler McHugh 58-66–124 -20 $1,800.00
Chet Feldman
Cody Nickson
Jimmy Krivanek

2 Mike Dessecker 63-62–125 -19 $1,400.00
Jason Darrah
Justin Darrah
Neal Hausch

3 David Champagne 64-66–130 -14 $1,000.00
Rob Ferguson
Dave Lemmon
Robert Crane

4 Rob Moss 68-65–133 -11 $800.00
Bob Brandon
David Chilcote
Dave McKendry

5 Nick Gustin 64-70–134 -10 $600.00
Jamie Shahan
Mike Paolillo
Dan Duff

T6 Jon Jones 68-67–135 -9 $200.00
Paul Stabile
John Viglio
Brad Lebo

T6 Nathan Miklos 68-67–135 -9 $200.00
Kyle Piper
Tim Klespies
Steve Flanders

T8 Steve Parker 64-72–136 -8
Mark Smucker
Joe Stanziano
Randy Day

T8 Ron DeJacimo 66-70–136 -8
Ron Harper
Paul Malesick
Brian Hockenberger

T8 Adam Lewicki 64-72–136 -8
Kevin Malick
Jeff Bechel
Joe Fragapane

T8 Scott Pollack 61-75–136 -8
Brian Lindenbaum
John-Michael Speelman
Jack Turner

T12 Joseph Leenheer 67-70–137 -7
Jon Repp
Jeff Zimmer
Ben Zimmer

T12 Joe Meglen 70-67–137 -7
Jeff Luken
Scott Marhofer
Greg Cingle

T12 Michael Shulas 69-68–137 -7
Bill Gaffney
Tim Marucci
Scott Marucci

T12 Mark Sierak 67-70–137 -7
Brent Hamilton
David Dellosa
Jonathan Chafe

16 Brad Apple 73-65–138 -6
Eric Hutchins
Andy Grombacher
Jack Grombacher

T17 Mark Weitendorf 71-68–139 -5
Tony Prpic
Larry Musarra
Mike Oliver

T17 Tom Atchison 68-71–139 -5
Jim Sanor
Wayne Fennis
Tad Rose

19 Kevin Maust 67-73–140 -4
Rob Walgate
Chris Zanotti
Norm Mulder

20 Matthew Creech 68-73–141 -3
Ryan Marrie
Greg Kenscon
Manbir Sandhu

21 Brett Coluccio 69-73–142 -2
Josh Bialecki
Patrick Sherlock
Patrick Riley

22 Terry Shell 81-71–152 +8
Bob Bertolotti
Chris Larmann
Keith Larmann

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