See that “#1” in the title of this NOGA tournament story? It’s not supposed to be there. It was intended to say “Championship”, not “#1”.

But true to form for this year’s weather in Northeast Ohio, two major rain delays canceled out the afternoon wave of a two-wave shotgun at Portage Country Club in Akron today. So unfortunately, the big-field “Stroke Play Championship” became two smaller, separate Stroke Play tournaments. Spaced out four days apart. Numbered.

The morning wave teed off at 9 a.m. After weather delays at 11:30a and 2:30p, that wave eventually finished around 4:30 p.m. Long day.

And yes, it was wet.

Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas brings up some water on his pitch at a soaked Portage Country Club.

The afternoon wave was canceled as the first mid-morning rain delay dragged on. The NOGA Committee huddled with Portage pro Steve Parker, and the afternoon wave will now play at Portage this coming Monday, June 17 with a 1:00 p.m shotgun start. That round will be known as 2019 NOGA Stroke Play #2.

Because of the changes in event ops, all players who signed up for the season-long match play will be assigned to a bracket by division — so congrats, you are in. The Stroke Play prizes and skins will be paid out as two separate events now, and no Player of the Year points will be awarded for the Stroke Play.

For all of the raining, thundering, stopping and starting, the chaos did not seem to bother Saumil Jhaveri in the least. He posted a tidy 3-under par 67 to win the AA Flight by a six shot margin — some impressing scoring given all that was going on.

Rick Areddy (see the photo gallery featured image for his action) won the Senior AA Flight by one stroke with a 74, nipping Tom Baugh and Jim Groh.

George Bingman 2019 NOGA Stroke Play #1 Portage
George Bingman pitches to the 11th green at Portage Country Club.

In the A Flight, Abhijit Shetti put together a 76 two win by one. The AA Senior title went to George Bingman (above) with a solid 1-over par 71.

David Miceli won the B Flight with an 81. The Senior B champ was Denny Cendrowski at 83.

C Flight went to Craig Dunlap with an 82, and Senior C to Duke Young with an 85.

A number of players withdrew from the event because of the two long weather delays, but complete results are below. PHOTO GALLERY HERE >

For the canceled afternoon wave, players have the option to remain in the field for the June 17 reschedule or request a full refund by emailing Chad Hammond. Play if you can, though, as the course will dry up and the turf conditions are fantastic.

Watch for results from Tournament #2 on Monday evening…

Northern Ohio Golf Association
Northern Ohio Golf Association
2019 Stroke Play Tournament #1

Portage Country Club, Akron OH
Thursday, June 13, 2019


Saumil Jhaveri 67 $100.00
Conor Mead 73 $75.00
Ian Hardesty 74 (Net $)
Jeff Meagrow 75 $50.00
Olivia Hochschwender 76 $25.00
Andrew Zgrabik 76
Chris Horne 79
Mark Thomas WD
Chris Lindley WD
Joe Arnold WD
Ben Farina WD
Jarrod Page WD
Mike Cawley WD
Brian Thompson WD


Richard Areddy 74 $65.00
Tom Baugh 75 $35.00
Jim Groh 75
Tom Skidmore 76
Bob Weaver 77
J Hochschwender 78
John Toth 78
Jeffrey Knox WD
Jim Linert WD


Abhijit Shetti 76 $65.00
Dan Rose 77 (Net $)
Greg Hazlett 78 $35.00
Brett Mann WD
Jonathan Roebuck WD


George Bingman 71 $65.00
John Beck 78 (Net $)
Keith Pluto 78 $35.00
Tom Randall 81
Will Degyansky 82
Steve Cochrane 87
George Papas WD


David Miceli 81 $70.00
Jim Grosso 82 $45.00
Tye Wreyford 83 (Net $)
Peter Hays 88 $30.00
Brian Collins WD
Britt Lilley WD
Donald Hayes WD
Joseph Ribelli WD
Patrick Williams WD


Denny Cendrowski 83 $100.00
Hugh Morgan 84 $75.00
Mark Wilhelm 85
Doug Van Nostran WD
Randy Young WD
Charles Schaefer WD
David Laudel WD


Craig Dunlap 82 $70.00
Frank Desmit 85 $45.00
Jeff Mirelli 87 $30.00
Rick Bock 88
Steven Bagnowski 88
Ben Swinerton 92
Bryan Scafidi 96
Eric Mayers WD
Dante D’Andrea WD
Eric Marderstein WD
Benjamin Derhammer WD


Duke Young 85 $60.00
Kenneth Bauza 88
Bryan Scott 91
David Sattler 92

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