Northern Ohio Golf AssociationThe home team from Oberlin Golf Club used their local course knowledge — and some doggone good golf — to earn a two point victory in the 2019 Northern Ohio Golf Association Interclub Event #2 on Thursday.

Playing under a positive-only modified Stableford points system, Oberlin’s Brian Smith and Connor Mead lead their team with 36 points each, tying the pair for the fourth best individual point total of the day. Ben Farina notched 34 points and Ben Hogan earned 33 to round out the Team Oberlin total.

Brad Steven
Brad Steven rolls a putt at Oberlin to help his team in the 2019 NOGA Interclub #2.

Two points behind the home team were the Interclub Event #1 champions, Quail Hollow Country Club. Four-time Cleveland Am champ Brad Steven paced the Quail Hollow team with a solid 38 points, second best of the day. Jeff Blechschmidt earned 35 points (and a skin with a nice birdie on the par-3 eighth), while Jeff Sawitke carded 33 and Clark Nelson 31.

Shady Hollow Country Club star Kurt Peterson of Massillon posted the round of the day, racking up a solid 39 total points. The highlight of Peterson’s round was a five-birdie, no-bogey back nine that generated a whopping 23 points. On fire.

Bryn Irvine The shot of the day belonged to Bryn Irvine of Avon Oaks Country Club. Irvine made a hole-in-one on the uphill par-3 13th hole from 139 yards — and netted a skin, of course. (No drinks to buy after the round, though; host Oberlin GC is a dry club. Diet Cokes all around!)

The Quail Hollow and Oberlin teams are now tied at the top of the 2019 NOGA Interclub season-long points race, each holding 19. Next best is Canterbury Golf Club at 13.5, followed by Silver Lake at 12.

The final 2019 Interclub Team Event #3 will be a count 3-of-4 scores in an individual stroke play tournament at the beautiful Glenmoor Country Club in Canton on Thursday, September 5th. Expect one wild shootout to determine the season-long Interclub Team Champion…

Northern Ohio Golf Association
Northern Ohio Golf Association
2019 Interclub Event #2
– Team Stableford
Oberlin Golf Club, Oberlin, Ohio
Thursday, June 27, 2019

Stableford Scoring: 1 pt for bogey; 2 pts for par; 3 pts for birdie; 4 pts for eagle


1 Oberlin Golf Club 139 (10.00) $600
2 Quail Hollow Country Club 137 (9.00) $400
T3 Shady Hollow Country Club 135 (7.50) $280
T3 Silver Lake Country Club 135 (7.50) $280
5 Canterbury Golf Club 129 (6.00) $160
6 Avon Oaks Country Club 125 (5.00)
7 NEOH.Golf Club 121 (4.00)
8 Beechmont Country Club 118 (3.00)
9 Quail Hollow Country Club #2 114 (2.00)
10 Portage Country Club 113 (1.00)
11 Lakewood Country Club 87
12 Avon Oaks Country Club #2 86
13 Red Tail Golf Club 61
NS Barrington Golf Club


1 Kurt Peterson Shady Hollow Country Club 39
2 Brad Steven Quail Hollow Country Club 38
3 Jeff Meagrow Canterbury Golf Club 37
T4 Brian Smith Oberlin Golf Club 36
T4 Conor Mead Oberlin Golf Club 36
T4 Barry Cohn Beechmont Country Club 36
T4 Lucas Murray Shady Hollow Country Club 36
T8 Bryn Irvine Avon Oaks Country Club 35
T8 Rick Areddy Silver Lake Country Club 35
T8 Jeff Blechschmidt Quail Hollow Country Club 35
T11 Kevin Rowe Avon Oaks Country Club 34
T11 Saumil Jhaveri Avon Oaks Country Club 34
T11 Brian Joseph Canterbury Golf Club 34
T11 Mark Guadagni Silver Lake Country Club 34
T11 Ben Farina Oberlin Golf Club 34
T11 Tommy Miano Silver Lake Country Club 34
T17 Ty Kovach NEOH.GOLF Club 33
T17 Jeff Sawitke Quail Hollow Country Club 33
T17 Ben Hogan Oberlin Golf Club 33
T17 John Fullerman Quail Hollow Country Club 33
T17 Joseph Albrecht Portage Country Club 33
T17 Joshua Clay Shady Hollow Country Club 33
23 Jim Durr Silver Lake Country Club 32
T24 Larry Joseph Canterbury Golf Club 31
T24 Mark Juve Portage Country Club 31
T24 Shaun Kloetzer NEOH.GOLF Club 31
T24 Clark Nelson Quail Hollow Country Club 31
T24 Robert Schwartz Beechmont Country Club 31
T24 Patrick Metzger Lakewood Country Club 31
30 Aaron Crewse NEOH.GOLF Club 30
T31 Ryan Dorff Avon Oaks Country Club 29
T31 Ryan Novak Beechmont Country Club 29
T31 PJ Myers Avon Oaks Country Club 29
T34 Austin Kardish Quail Hollow Country Club 28
T34 Tom Baugh Portage Country Club 28
T34 Joe Arnold Lakewood Country Club 28
T34 Dave Goda Quail Hollow Country Club 28
T38 Zachary Glass Shady Hollow Country Club 27
T38 Allen Freeman NEOH.GOLF Club 27
T38 Matt Henry Canterbury Golf Club 27
T41 Stephen Schons Avon Oaks Country Club 26
T41 Matt Howard Avon Oaks Country Club 26
T43 Patrick Osborne Quail Hollow Country Club 25
T43 Mark Wise Lakewood Country Club 25
T45 Thomas Rehanek Red Tail Golf Club 22
T45 Ken Lurie Beechmont Country Club 22
T47 Luke Beeler Red Tail Golf Club 21
T47 Jeremy Harpley Portage Country Club 21
49 Matt Studier Red Tail Golf Club 18
50 Brad Binder Lakewood Country Club 3
NC Harold Farling Avon Oaks Country Club –
NC Rick Desautels Red Tail Golf Club –
NS Kevin Burns Barrington Golf Club –
NS Tom Beckmeyer Barrington Golf Club –
NS Tom Gallagher Barrington Golf Club –
NS Richard Areddy Barrington Golf Club –

SKINS: $170 ea
Kurt Peterson – Birdie on 12
Ty Kovach – Eagle on 17
Bryn Irvine – Hole in One on 13
Kevin Rowe – Eagle on 10
Jeff Blechschmidt – Birdie on 8


Oberlin Golf Club 9 + 10 = 19
Quail Hollow Country Club 10 + 9 = 19
Canterbury Golf Club 7.5 + 6 = 13.5
Silver Lake Country Club 4.5 + 7.5 = 12
Beechmont Country Club 7.5 + 3 = 10.5
NEOH.GOLF Club 6 + 4 = 10
Shady Hollow Country Club 2 + 7.5 = 9.5
Avon Oaks Country Club 2 + 5 = 7
Quail Hollow Country Club (2) 4.5 + 2 = 6.5
Portage Country Club 2 + 1 = 3

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