RESULTS: 2019 Cloverleaf v Woodridge Boys High School Golf

High School Golf Results: Northeast Ohio Golf

The Cloverleaf boys golf team moved to 8-0, 7-0 with a victory over Woodridge 168-194 at Brookledge Golf Course, par 36. Brodie Hillwig and Drew Schreck led the way with 39 and 40.

FINAL RESULTS: Boys High School Golf
2019 Cloverleaf v Woodridge

Brookledge Golf Course, Cuyahoga Falls OH
Friday, August 16, 2019

Cloverleaf: 168
Bodie Hillwig 39
Drew Schreck 40
Luke Schreck 44
Cole Gibson 45
Colin Andel 46
Josh Dunn 52

Woodridge: 194
Max Schneckenburger 45
Dawson Reinhart 46
Antonio Fitzsimmons 47
Zach Hess 56
Will Schmeltzer 57
Andrew Mayer 65

– scores courtesy of Ron Wachtel, Cloverleaf

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