RESULTS: 2018 Zoar Spring 2-M Scramble

Zoar Golf Club

Zoar Golf Club hosted their annual Spring 2-Man Spring Scramble on Saturday afternoon. 42 teams competed in the windy, cloudy and cold weather.

Mike Simpson Dave Oates 2011 Summit Co AmMike Simpson and Dave Oates fired a stellar 11-under par 61 to claim first place honors by a whopping five shots. Their round was highlighted by three chip-ins: two for birdies and one for an eagle.

Mitch Levengood and Tim Hepner were next at 66, which is a great score on its own given the weather conditions — except when compared to the champions.

Five teams tied for third place at 67 strokes: Mark Schneider and Maxwell Moldovan, Brandon and Lonnie Wengerd, Eric Crone and John Sibila, Kenny and Austin Koprivec, and Ryan Stefanski and Brian Smith all posted scores at 5-under par.

Four teams tied at 68 for 8th place money: Adam Trent and Dean Cutlip, Troy Schonover and Scottie McVey, Chris Barnett and Bob Beck, and Andy Slayman with Mike Renner.

There were two skins won on the day: the winning Simpson-Oates team with a chip-in eagle on Hole 17; and Team Wengerd had an eagle on the par-5 Hole 7.

The next amateur event at Zoar Golf Club is the 36-hole Zoar Memorial on the Saturday/Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

Zoar Golf Club
2018 Zoar Spring 2-Man Scramble

Zoar Golf Club, Zoar, OH
Saturday, April 28, 2018

61 Simpson-Oates $750

66 Levengood-Hepner $420

67 Schneider-Moldovan $150
67 Wengerd-Wengerd $150
67 Crone-Sibila $150
67 Koprivec-Koprivec $150
67 Stefanski-Smith $150

68 Trent-Cutlip $30
68 Schonover-McVey $30
68 Barnett-Beck $30
68 Slayman-Renner $30

69 Jacklitch-Stuart
69 Beebe-Trier
69 Freeman-Kovach
69 Robinette-Kurtz

70 Terry-Trzebockowski
70 Riggs-Wade

72 Roberts-Stone
72 Gasser-Cunningham
72 Chapman-Chapman
72 Bittekofer-Seibert
72 Snook-Ross
72 Gonter-Haynes

73 Mullett-Green
73 Weaver-Miller

74 Perkowski-Clapper
74 Suntala-Lucas
74 Hirauk-Dulman
74 Nicely-Nicely
74 Frey-Fierst

75 Trice-Sen
75 Hostetler-Shettler

76 Clfford-Bober
76 Luckenbaugh-Lance
76 Crider-Cox

78 Feith-Feith
78 Briggs-Kress
78 Perkowski-Tecco

79 Oboyle-Johnson
79 Mckenzie-DaPoz
79 Clay-Luster

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