This is the way golf should be played.

More than 20 junior golfers, both boys and girls ages 8 through 12, filled the middle nine at Sunny Hill Golf Course in Brimfield for the 4th Record-Courier Kids Amateur.

The youngest played four holes, the oldest played nine holes and some played six holes but all saw the fun that golf offers.

Members of the Kent Roosevelt varsity girls golf team volunteered to walk with each of the threesomes and foursomes to help the kids learn how to keep score and follow the basic rules of golf.

Parents, grandparents and siblings walked along with the junior golfers, cheering for each shot while enjoying watching the kids play.

In each division, a champion’s medal was presented but every youth golfer received a certificate for their successful play and an ice cream party at the end of the round.

Brothers Jude Thiry and Brock Thiry of Mogadore each won their division. Jude, the oldest won the boys nine holers and Brock the six holers.

Gracie Westover of Rootstown topped the girls nine hole division and Adrianna Mineo won the girls six hole division.

The youngest girls were led by Autumn Lewis of Kent who showed great form in the victory.

Parents and the Kent Roosevelt high school girls were often surprised at the outstanding shots of the girls.

PHOTO: Before the awards ceremony and the ice cream party, many of the golfers competing in the 4th Kids Am gathered outside of Sunny Hill Golf Course for a group picture with Kent Roosevelt varsity golf coaches, Larry Picicco, on the left, and Bryan Harvey on the right.


Sunny Hill Golf Course, Brimfield
Sunday, July 22, 2018

BOYS (9 Holes)
1. Jude Thiry, Mogadore; 2. James Morgan, North Benton; 3. Rowan Baynes, Kent; 4. Landon Shaffer, Mogadore.

GIRLS (9 Holes)
1. Gracie Westover, Rootstown; 2. Maddie Kost, Kent; 2. Anna Picicco, Kent; 4. Cortney Evert, Kent; 5. Gabby Mellin, Kent; 6. Jeanie Barzellato, Kent.

BOYS (6 Holes)
1. Brock Thiry, Mogadore; Luke Beatty, Kent.

GIRLS (6 Holes)
1. Adrianna Mineo, Kent; 2. Ashlyn Leavery, Streetsboro; 3. Ava Moore, Kent; 4. Ella Houk, Kent.

GIRLS (4 Holes)
1. Autumn Lewis, Kent; 2. Coco Golden, Kent; 3. Riley Bordello, Kent; 3. Jillian Smith, Kent; 5. Hallie McKendry, Kent; Sophie Raymond, Kent.

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