RESULTS: 2018 Halupki Open

Kent Monas and Zach Drukenbrod tied at the top of the 2018 Halupki Open at Chippewa GC on Sunday.

Mark ThomasIn a 12-hole event played under a 4-club format (the course was too wet for carts), Kent Monas and Zach Drukenbrod tied for first place in the 2018 Halupki Open at Chippewa Golf Club in Doylestown, hosted by Mark Thomas (right).

Both players finished the day at 1-under par. Drukenbrod used an 8-iron to putt for his round, while Monas went conventional and opted for a putter as one of his four chosen clubs.

Monas (birdie on #2) and Drukenbrod (birdie on #10) each nabbed one of the four skins won on the day, along with Jeff Mirelli (birdie #8) and Allen Freeman (eagle #11).

MT’s stuffed cabbage was delicious.

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  1. Ty Kovach
    December 17, 2018

    Great time yesterday, was great to see old and new friends and once again, MT, KNOCKED it out of the park with his stuffed cabbage!!!!! Thanks to MT, Kevin and his staff at Chippewa GC for hosting. Tybo

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