RESULTS: 2018 Cloverleaf vs Woodridge vs Streetsboro Boys High School Golf

High School Golf Results: Northeast Ohio Golf

FINAL RESULTS: Boys High School Golf
2018 Cloverleaf vs Woodridge vs Streetsboro

Brandywine Golf Course, Peninsula OH
Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Cloverleaf boys golf team beat Woodridge and Streetsboro by shooting 180 at Brandywine Golf Course, par 36. The Colts picked up a league win vs Woodridge and a non league win vs Streetsboro. The Colts moved to 11-2 overall and 10-2 in the league while Woodridge moved to 4-10 and Streetsboro dropped to 4-13 overall and 4-9 in the league.

Cloverleaf: 180
Luke Schreck 43
Cole Gibson 44
Drew Schreck 46
Matt Goldsberry 47
Frank English 49
Bodie Hillwig 51

Woodridge: 186
Kyle Mottice 51
Dawson Reinhart 42
Zach Hess 49
Antonio Fitzsimmons 49
Max Scheneckenburger 50
Tom Folatko 46

Streetsboro: 186
Conner Swim 46
Hunter Timmons 442
Preston Yuzwa 45
Clayton Paul 58
Cruz 56
Jacy 53

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